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But it’s not a child! [or is it?]

by | Jan 11, 2018

By Béatrice Fedor

The premise of virtually all pro-abortion arguments is that the little one in the womb isn’t a human being. We hear: “But it’s not a child! We are talking about a non-[insert feat an 8 week old human being can’t perform] clump of cells!” So, let’s settle this once and for all.

It’s not a child! Or is it?

Are pro-lifers saying that the unborn is a three year old child or a ten year old? Of course not! We use the terms child, unborn child or child in the womb because of the mother/child relationship. If you are a parent, whether your child is growing in utero, a fifth grader or a College student, he/she is your progeny; your offspring, your descendant, the flesh of your flesh. We are talking about “your child” regardless of age, location or ability.

Of course for the sake of politics and population control, society uses dehumanizing terms to talk about children to be born. After all, when you want to get rid of a part of the population, you have to make it justifiable.

Let me share something personal. Years ago, when I was still very pro-choice but also tormented by my abortions, I heard this on the radio: “The aborted woman is a mother too.” Immediately, it made sense to me and it consoled me. I was a mother who sadly had aborted her children. They were my children; not clumps of cells.

Sooner or later, post-abortive men and women realize that they are the parents of aborted children and they grieve for them. The pro-choice lobby wants us to abort and move on, abort and be thankful, abort and pretend it doesn’t affect us. The truth is, they are our children from the moment of conception and nothing, not even the legal violence of abortion, can change that.

Editor’s note. This appeared at 400wordsforwomen and is reposted with permission.

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