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Cecile Richards outlines immediate future plans to NY Times

by | Jan 29, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

Cecile Richards

Now that Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards has made it official that she is stepping down, what might be the single most important factor to remember in trying to figure out what she will do next now that she is no longer receiving a nearly $1million compensation package for overseeing the deaths of 321,000+ unborn babies? That the Media Establishment is dying for her to run for office and will roll out the red carpet to induce her (assuming Richards needs any inducement). After all, her mother was the first female governor of Texas who lost her re-election bid to a future pro-life Republican president: George W. Bush. Although the scenario is not laid out in this particular story, pro-abortionist salivate at the prospect of Ann Richards’ daughter running for governor of Texas and defeating a pro-life incumbent. A typical fawning profile ran last Friday in the New York Times under the headline, “Cecile Richards on Her Life after Planned Parenthood” by Amy Chozick. Indeed the story ends after recalling Ann Richards’s example:

Raising the inevitable question: Does Ms. Richards plan to run?

After news of Ms. Richards’s departure became public, tweets (mostly from women) erupted like popcorn: “Hopefully to run for office!” one read. And another: “Please run for Texas governor, please run for Texas governor, please run for Texas governor.”

Ms. Richards’s reply is emphatic (if not entirely convincing).

“I’m not thinking of running for anything,” she said.

So from a pro-abortion reporter’s point of view, what are the highlights of Richards’ twelve years at the helm? Well, “relish[ing] her role as the consummate rabble-rouser to Republicans,” for one. For another increasing PPFA’s “base of volunteers and supporters.” However to Chozick’s credit, in the next paragraph she writes, “But Ms. Richards, who lives in New York City, also became a frequent presence in glitzy fund-raising circles, winning over billionaire donors who may have shied away from publicly supporting abortion rights in the past.” By the end of fiscal year 2016-2017, private giving had shot up to $532.7 million. What about abortions? A couple of points in the story.

She seemed more reserved about using the word abortion, masterfully pivoting to phrases like “women’s health” and “reproductive medicine” when a reporter brought them up.

(Yes, indeed, the old “masterful pivot.”)

Ms. Richards does see progress in the way abortion is depicted in popular culture, with Kerry Washington’s sexy Washington fixer Olivia Pope on the hit drama “Scandal” undergoing the procedure and articles in Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Essence discussing the issue.

That would be evidence, Richards would no doubt say, of “normalizing” lopping off heads and tearing off limbs. The other abortion reference would be almost comical if we weren’t talking about taking the lives of innocent children. The reporter quotes from a pro-life source “estimated” that PPFA aborted 328,348 children in 2016. Chozick tells us “Planned Parenthood disputed those figures.” What did PPFA’s own annual report say the death toll was? 321,384 babies died in Planned Parenthood affiliated clinics. If you look back a year, guess how many babies PPFA aborted? 328,348. Alas, we will be seeing lots of Ms. Richards over the next year. She’s going out on a book tour to promote her memoir coming out in April, “Make Trouble: Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding the Courage to Lead — My Life Story.” Moreover, “Ms. Richards said she planned to pour herself into the midterm elections, fund-raising and campaigning for Democrats, and advising the expected record number of women candidates.” But pro-lifers will be ready to fight back, as they always have, to protect the babies.

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