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Irish Prime Minister speculates new abortion proposal may be “a step too far”

by | Jan 10, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar

Following the first meeting of the Irish Cabinet in 2018, dominated by a two-hour discussion on the proposed referendum on the protective 8th Amendment, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar “has raised concern that the proposal to make abortion on request legal up to 12 weeks may be “a step too far” for the majority of the public,” according to Pat Leahy of the Irish Times.

Varadkar said, “Many politicians are concerned that the proposal might go too far for a majority of people,“ Leahy reported.

“I think it’s fair to say that for a lot of people, not just in the cabinet, for a lot of people in the country, the proposal to allow for the termination of pregnancies up to 12 weeks went further than many people may have anticipated. Certainly, it went further than I would have anticipated a year or two ago,” Mr. Varadkar told journalists at Government Buildings.

Varadkar, again, refused to state his own position. Worse yet, according to Leahy’s reporting, Varadkar added, “But also having read the committee report I understand the logic behind that, why they came to that decision, particularly given the widespread availability now of the abortion pill and the fact that people are getting that over the internet and are using it without medical supervision all over Ireland every day.”

British pro-lifers are deeply suspicious of a process they believe was not only predetermined to ensure there would be a referendum in 2018 on the 8th Amendment, which recognizes the equal rights of mother and unborn child, but also would include extremist language.

Varakhar’s remarks come after an op-ed appeared in the virulently pro-abortion Irish Times over the weekend. The author is William Binchy, adjunct professor of law at Trinity College Dublin and also primary legal adviser to the Pro Life Campaign. The first paragraph encapsulates the many and serious problems:

The report of the Joint Oireachtas [Parliament] Committee on the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution is a dismal document. It proposes the introduction of abortion on demand, expressly for the first twelve weeks of the child’s life, and covertly at all stages potentially up to birth.

As we have written, the 40-page report is unapologetically—even petulantly—demanding of abortion on demand for the first twelve weeks [“with no restriction as to reason”] and includes loopholes through which you could drive abortion on demand throughout pregnancy [a great deal of meaningless drivel about “good faith”].

Prof. Binchy’s analysis is very much worth reading in its entirely. Here is his conclusion:

Under our present law, doctors strive earnestly to protect both the mother and her unborn child. No necessary treatment will be denied the mother, even where this may result in the unsought death of the child. The abortion philosophy embraced by the Oireachtas committee is quite different. Its proposals envisage the intentional destruction of the unborn child’s life.

Is this the kind of society we want Ireland to turn into? In 2001, in an act of profound human solidarity, we amended our Constitution to ensure that the State would not condone the taking of the lives of those convicted of serious wrongs. Is it to be contemplated that in 2018 we shall amend our Constitution to authorise the intentional taking of the lives of defenceless, innocent human beings?

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