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PPFA’s disinformation cloaked in the disguise of “correcting misinformation”

by | Jan 4, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

Yesterday Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon, NRLC director of Education & Research, provided readers with a preliminary analysis of Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report. He will revisit “The 2016-17 Annual Report of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America” on Friday.

By way of the briefest of summaries of what Dr. O’Bannon told us, PPFA is still raking in tons of money [$1,459,600,000] on the backs of dead babies, seeing 20% fewer patients, and is providing fewer services to fewer women (yet again).

But doesn’t mean the basic narrative—Planned Parenthood as a selfless, essentially apolitical provider of “services” to underserved women—isn’t still trotted out by PPFA’s legion of apologists.

If you are a member of the Media Establishment and a supporter of Planned Parenthood (but I repeat myself), there are many ways to disguise the sleazy underside of the largest abortion “provider” in the known galaxy. An especially prevalent (and seedy) tactic is cloaking the spread of PPFA’s disinformation in the disguise of “correcting misinformation.”

For example there was “9 Things People Get Wrong About Planned Parenthood,” by Dayna Evans. As Dr. O’Bannon explained to me, nearly all of Evans’ assertions “are straw men — caricatures of beliefs that people actually have, easily knocked down because it’s not what people really thought in the first place.”

Evans’ canards are so transparent, so bogus, even to take the time to debunk them becomes like breaking the proverbial butterfly on a wheel. To take just two examples, one absurd, the other…absurd in a different way.

A prime example of one of the “FALSE” claims (and I am not kidding) is that “Planned Parenthood is only available to cis-identifying patients.” If you’re of a certain age, like me, you have to look that up.

Cis-identifying refers to someone who “exclusively identifies as their sex assigned at birth.” Evans assures her readers that Planned Parenthood “now offers hormone therapy for transgender patients.”

Ok. But how often has that particular “FALSE” claim crossed anyone’s mind, much less Planned Parenthood’s detractors?

Ever? How about never.

A somewhat more relevant, if still flawed “FALSE “claim, according to Evans, is that “Abortion is the most popular service that Planned Parenthood provides.” If you look at the graph in the new annual report titled “Breakdown of Affiliates Medical Services Provided,” once again PPFA offers the misleading—actually dishonest—3% figure for “abortion services.” And 3% is the percentage Evans recycles.

This is so inaccurate that it is routinely debunked even by the likes of the Washington Post.

In fact this is fallacious on so many different levels I handed it over to Dr. O’Bannon for a fuller explanation:

No one is saying that PPFA performs more abortions than it distributes birth control. But how exactly is one supposed to compare birth control, sold in cheap multi-packs, a month or more at a time, a product packaged with abortions, with abortions themselves? An abortion is a one-at-a-time “service” which brings PPFA hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per abortion.

So “service figures” show PPFA selling perhaps seven times as many contraceptives as the number of abortions it performs. But if abortions bring in at least three times the revenue, you still have to ask which “service” really is more integral, more essential to Planned Parenthood’s bottom line?

Etc., etc., etc. The only time people get “things” “wrong” is when they swallow PPFA’s propaganda.