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Pro-abortionists tell one another to stop the “‘awfulization’ of abortion and embrace it as a social good.”

by | Jan 4, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-lifers will come together to rally in cities, state capitals, and in Washington, DC to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the disastrous January 22, 1973, Roe v. Wade decision. A handful of pro-abortionists will show up in front of the Supreme Court to greet 100,000+ pro-lifers and, for their trouble, will receive photos in the Washington Post and have their miniscule counter-demonstration treated almost as an equal to the massive outpouring of pro-lifers, mostly young, from all over the nation.

But as often as not, the anti-life crowd will hold “events” in which they will simultaneously celebrate Roe (and its companion case Doe v. Bolton) and lament how “equal access remains elusive,” to quote from a press release for a discussion at the Brooklyn Historical Society on January 16.

Several of the usual suspects will assemble including Ilyse Hogue, who is the President of NARAL Pro-Choice America, and Katha Pollitt, the author of Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights.

I remember reading Hanna Rosin’s love-letter disguised as a review of Pollitt’s book at Slate.

In a demonstration of sisterly solidarity, Pollitt reaffirmed Rosin’s own condescending prejudices. For instance, it’s so 1950ish to think there could possibly be anything wrong about abortion, anything the tiniest bit problematic.

For example, why can’t Obvious Child, the movie of a few years back, make a joke out of the lead character obliterating her unborn child? “We shouldn’t need a book explaining why abortion rights are important,” Rosin plaintively insisted. “We should be over that by now.”

So why aren’t we collectively “over that” by now? You guessed it: us.

“The reason we’re not, according to Pollitt, is that “we have all essentially been brainwashed by a small minority of pro-life activists.”

No doubt in explaining “the legacy and future of this landmark case on the occasion of its forty-fifth anniversary” at the Brooklyn Historical Society, Pollitt will double down on the fanciful notion that the America public has been deluded by those Machiavellian pro-lifers.

I’m also guessing Hogue will pick up on a second theme of Pollitt’s book (as summarized by Rosin): “the left needs to stop the ‘awfulization’ of abortion and embrace it as a social good.”

In other words, until and unless “progressives” stop being defensive and embrace the annihilation of a million or so unborn children every year, THEY will always be on the defensive. Talk about living in a cocoon.

A suggestion to pro-abortionists: Attend any of the many, many state pro-life rallies or the huge assemblage in our nation’s capital and see if you still believe that celebrating the brutality and bloodiness and barbarity of abortion is a winning strategy.

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