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Will you take a stand for life?

by | Jan 5, 2018

Lend your voice to the cries for justice | Monday, Jan. 22—Noon

By Bill Poehler

Every hour of every day—all year long—an innocent unborn child is aborted in Minnesota. And their mothers suffer, sometimes for years afterward. Abortion is a monstrous injustice.

Will you speak out against abortion on Jan. 22?

The 2018 MCCL March for Life will be our 45th annual commemoration of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, the infamous 1973 Supreme Court decisions that imposed abortion on demand nationwide. The MCCL March for Life is the largest annual gathering of pro-life Minnesotans citizens every year to oppose the abortion industry’s assault on unborn babies and their mothers.

628,000 abortions in MN

Many lives have been saved from abortion over the last 45 years, but the killing of unborn children is still legal. Nearly 10,000 unborn babies are killed by abortion in Minnesota every year.

2018 will be a banner year for the pro-life movement, offering enormous opportunities to save lives. We need to begin with a show of strength and determination.

Will you commit one hour to take a stand for life?

“The passage of another year of abortion on demand ought to intensify our opposition,” explains MCCL President Leo LaLonde. “So much is at stake for the pro-life movement next year. Be a part of it!”

Invite lawmakers

Urge your legislators to attend the MCCL March for Life on Monday, Jan. 22. They need to see and hear the pro-life movement’s call to make the protection of human life a top legislative priority in 2018.

The march will begin at 12 p.m. on the Capitol grounds in St. Paul. A short program will follow at 12:30 p.m. (In case of severe weather, check the MCCL website on Jan. 22 for updates on the March.)

We need marshals to direct people and assist with the event. If you can help us on Jan. 22, please contact the MCCL State Office at 612-825-6831.

Come and march—for justice, for human rights, for life!

Editor’s note. This appeared in the latest newsletter of MCCL– Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life.

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