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2018 Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life March for Life

by | Feb 1, 2018

Pro-lifers rally for ultrasound legislation

By Bill Poehler

“Let women see their ultrasound!” was the pro-life citizens’ rallying cry at the state Capitol on Jan. 22. Young people and older adults immediately grasped the importance of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life’s new legislation to stop abortionists from denying women access to their sonogram.

Severe weather drove the rally into the Capitol Rotunda for the 45th annual MCCL March for Life, which commemorates the deaths from abortion of more than 625,000 unborn Minnesota children and 60 million nationwide.

People back MCCL agenda

All three levels of the Rotunda were overflowing with pro-life citizens of all ages, who erupted in cheers of support when MCCL announced its 2018 legislative agenda. Under the proposal, anyone performing a sonogram on a pregnant woman must offer to show the ultrasound to the woman. Most abortion facilities perform ultrasound prior to an abortion to determine the size and location of the unborn child, but they usually do not offer women the chance to see their sonogram.

“I was 10 weeks along and was never shown the ultrasound of my baby,” said Silent No More’s Carla Stream, who gave the main address. “I know I would have rejected abortion had I been allowed to see my child. … Let women see their babies!”

Leaders pledge support

Many of Minnesota’s pro-life elected officials, including state legislators, were in attendance and were introduced during the brief program in the Rotunda. Legislative leaders pledged their support for pro-life efforts.

“I will continue my commitment to make Minnesota safer for unborn children and for every single person who lives here,” said Lieutenant Governor and Senate President Michelle Fischbach.

“By God’s grace, let’s work together … and once again unborn human life will be protected,” declared Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka.

“Minnesota is a pro-life state,” Speaker of the Minnesota House Kurt Daudt stated. “We must be the voice for vulnerable lives when others refuse to be.”

Congressmen thank pro-lifers

Minnesota’s pro-life congressional delegation sent written greetings to the March.

Rep. Jason Lewis said he is proud to support pro-life legislation in Congress. “Much has been accomplished this past year, but there is still much work to be done,” Lewis wrote. “We must continue to stand and fight for the most vulnerable in our society.”

“While Roe v. Wade will forever remain a stain in our nation’s history, we have many reasons to be optimistic,” said Rep. Erik Paulsen. “Thank you for commemorating the millions of lives tragically lost to abortion and for giving a voice to the unborn.”

Rep. Tom Emmer wrote, “Thank you for your work and dedication to be a voice for the unborn. … I will always defend the right to life—with my actions, my words and my vote in Congress.”

“You have my gratitude for your efforts in defense of human life,” said Rep. Collin Peterson, who is often the only U.S. House Democrat who votes for pro-life legislation. “I look forward to continuing this important fight with you in the New Year.”

Editor’s note. This article appeared in the current issue of MCCL News.

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