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Extreme abortion bill filed again in Rhode Island General Assembly – URGENT

by | Feb 6, 2018

Editor’s note. This Action Alert was distributed by Rhode Island Right to Life [].

The radical abortion caucus at the State House has again filed Planned Parenthood’s signature abortion bill in both the Senate (2018 – S2163) and the House (2018 – H7340). As we anticipated, they have made cosmetic alterations attempting to conceal the fact that this remains the most extreme abortion bill ever filed in Rhode Island.

As we recently told the Providence Journal, this bill would make Rhode Island a haven for abortionists with virtually unrestricted and unregulated taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand right up to the moment of birth — including partial-birth abortions and late-term dismemberment abortions on pain capable unborn children whose organs and body parts might then be harvested and sold, for which Planned Parenthood is presently being investigated by the Justice Department.

Your legislator needs to hear from you. Please Act Now.

Amongst other very serious issues the bill would:

  • Repeal restrictions on state employee coverage for abortion-on-demand and prohibit effective restrictions on public funding for abortion.
  • Prohibit the State from restricting, that is, banning any “methods” of abortion, even PARTIAL-BIRTH ABORTION.
  • Strike down our longstanding “quick child” threshold, allowing abortions all the way up until birth, by leaving the determination of “fetal viability” solely to the discretion of the “attending physician,” that is, the abortionist being paid to kill the unborn child… abortionists like Kermit Gosnell.
  • Prohibit state and local agencies from restricting the manner in which abortions are provided — other than enforcing standards the abortion industry sets for itself — putting local abortionists beyond any real regulatory oversight by the Department of Health and other state agencies.

Please do not be complacent. This extreme abortion bill has 12 sponsors in the Senate and 29 sponsors in the House – over one-third of the General Assembly!

While we were able to stop the bill last year, our victory came at great expense of time, money, and political capital. Planned Parenthood has doubled down on their efforts over the past eight months and is mounting the most aggressive and expensive campaign we have faced in decades!

After responding to this Action Alert, please urge your pro-life friends, family members, and church-mates to do the same by visiting our Action Center at

Your pro-life voice is needed to stop this bill. Please Act Now!

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