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Indian woman loses unborn baby after being repeatedly kicked in the stomach

by | Feb 15, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

The woman said that her baby was “born dead” after the accused, Thamby and Prajesh, allegedly assaulted her. Calicut police have arrested one of the accused.

It took the victim of an attack that killed her unborn baby sitting peacefully in front of a police station in a town in southern India before authorities would investigate the brutal assault that took the life of her 4 ½ month unborn baby, Yahoo News reported. “While the incident occurred 18 days ago, it came to light after Jyotsna [Siby] and her husband sat on a dharna in front of the Kodancherry police station on Wednesday, demanding an action against the criminals.”

Jyotsna Siby said her baby was “born dead” after she was kicked by two Communist Party activists in a dispute over boundary walls, Yahoo News reported. The attack took place in Calicut, a city in the state of Kerala in southern India.

Siby explained that there was history with the men who had threatened their family, leading her to file a complaint at the police station. She said the men had “threatened to chop off the legs of her husband, if she did not withdraw the complaint.”

The night of the assault eight men came to their house. Siby said she alerted the police. However

“By the time anyone could come to our rescue, the men had assaulted everyone, including my children,” the 30-year-old said, adding that the police officers refused to help her citing lack of vehicles at the station.

After being repeatedly kicked

“I started bleeding and was in immense pain. My husband rushed me to a hospital where the doctors informed us that there was blood clot in my placenta, following which they had to conduct an operation on February 2. The doctors gave us our dead baby, whom we cremated in Mavoor. Even then their threats did not stop,” the victim was quoted as saying by Times Now.

The story ran yesterday and as of that point, seven Communist Party activists had been arrest—one on Wednesday, with six more surrendering on Thursday.

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