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Missouri House passes two-parent notification measure

by | Feb 27, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

By an overwhelming 113-37 margin, the Missouri House of Representatives endorsed a bill Monday that require both parents who have custody to be notified when a minor seeks an abortion. HB 1383 was sent on the Senate.

The Associated Press reported that for girls younger than 18, Missouri law already requires the written consent of one parent or guardian before she can have an abortion.

“The bill would require the consenting parent to provide written notice to the other custodial parent or guardian, but wouldn’t require the consent of the second parent.” HB 1383 “contains exceptions, such as when the other parent has been convicted of a sexual offense or cannot be located.”

In January Missouri Right to Life, NRLC’s state affiliate, expressed its support for HB1383. In testifying before the House Children and Families Committee, Missouri Right to Life said

HB 1383 simply expands parental notification to include both, custodial parents or the guardian of the minor in writing. This occurs prior to the physician securing the informed written consent of the minor and one parent.

Parents have a protectable interest in the life, health and well-being of their child. Abortion has multiple risks and all parents should be informed of an impending abortion on their child. In today’s times when young people, still under age and on their parents insurance, are pulled many different directions by family issues, parental notification is essential to all parents in the protection of their child’s health. This bill includes legitimate protections against parents who have been convicted of sexual abuse of that minor or whose parental rights have been terminated.

Planned Parenthood (surprise) opposes the legislation. In a Fact Sheet, the largest abortion provider in the United States said

“House Bill 1383 creates additional administrative barriers…. In fact, these laws can be detrimental to pregnant teens’ health and safety.

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