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One Thing That Must Happen

by | Feb 13, 2018

Editor’s note. This president’s column appears on page three of the February digital edition of National Right to Life News. Please read the entire 38 page edition and share it with your friends and family.

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias

There is one thing that must happen for the pro-life movement to be in a position to stop most of the abortions in America.

There is no substitute for this one thing. There is no clever piece of legislation, no magic wording, no silver bullet that will get us to our biggest, most important goal without this one thing happening first.

There is no way around the absolute necessity of achieving this one thing.

What is this thing so needed, so necessary? To change the membership of the US Supreme Court sufficiently so that it will overturn the evil, far-reaching, Court decision of Roe v. Wade.

The majority of current Supreme Court Justices are on record — with feet locked in concrete and firmly committed — in support of Roe. As long as these facts remain true, any and every bill passed at the federal, state, or local level that intends to end the majority of abortions-on-demand will be struck down by the Court as unconstitutional. Period.

The good news at this moment is, with a pro-life President in the White House and a (bare) majority of U.S. Senators likely to support his next Court appointments, this change in the Court is very possible.

The bad news is four-fold. Changing the court won’t be easy. It will take time. It will take persistence. And our current opportunity could evaporate as early as November 2018.

These four truths make it imperative — literally a matter of life and death — that we deal with this reality, put first things first, and keep our eye on the ball.

The first thing for pro-lifers to keep first is to work hard now and through the rest of 2018 to elect and grow a pro-life majority in the U.S. Senate. The current majority is so slim, each and every single Senate seat counts.

Persistence is important because U.S. Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life. Or until voluntary retirement, which, historically, usually means they serve for life. With pro-abortion Presidents in office for 16 out of the last 25 years, appointing pro-abortion Justices whenever they could, the miracle is that today’s Court composition isn’t worse. This underscores the paramount need to keep the White House in pro-life hands and Senate support for the President’s pro-life efforts.

However, in the meantime, until there is a pro-life Court, there is still much good that our movement can accomplish.

Polls show we are winning the hearts and minds of more and more Americans — especially young adults —with educational outreach and with selfless acts that show the loving nature of the right-to-life movement.

Everything we do, we do because of, and with, love. We work to better inform our friends and neighbors, our communities, about the precious gift of human life; that each and every human life has value, and is deserving of dignity and respect.

We work to elect pro-life candidates and pass pro-life laws to protect unborn babies and their mothers.

We work with young people to help them understand that ALL human beings, no matter how small, no matter how “imperfect” (to the human eye) have the right to live.

We work with pregnant women who aren’t looking with excitement and joy at the new life growing inside them. This child is coming at a bad time in her life. We offer support, encouragement, and practical help as she works through the situation.

Increasing education and compassionate outreach are an essential part of our long-term strategy to restore the protection of life.

Because the courts (even the Supreme Court) have shown a willingness to tolerate some curbs on abortion, we continue to win victories with laws like those for parental notice, banning webcam abortions, and preventing the use of tax dollars to pay for abortion. These measures save lives and in the process also educate the public and promote the restoration of a culture of life.

Baseball legend Babe Ruth said, “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” The road ahead for the pro-life movement will not be swift or easy. But because it is the right road, our course is clear and will be, ultimately, successful.

Go, team!

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