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Abortion thrives on discrimination, on the inhumane belief that some lives are better than others

by | Mar 23, 2018

By Jen Taggart

Pushing moms to abort babies diagnosed with Down syndrome isn’t about respecting a woman’s privacy, it’s about lethal discrimination.

That’s what Pregnancy Help News writer Katie Franklin argued in a letter published this week at The Columbus Dispatch.

Franklin wrote the letter following a March 14 decision from U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Black, striking down Ohio’s law curbing abortions following a Down syndrome diagnosis, which the state passed in late 2017. Judge Black, a former director and president of a Planned Parenthood location in Cincinnati, struck down the law as an infringement of women’s reproductive rights.

Aborting babies because they’ve been diagnosed with Down syndrome has far more to do with discrimination and eugenics, Franklin wrote.

Horrifically, studies show that up to 90 percent of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted. In countries like Iceland, that figure is 100 percent. Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion-on-demand for any reason in 1973, has protected this practice. Planned Parenthood, as one of the abortion outlets suing the state, is protecting this practice, all while receiving half a billion taxpayer dollars a year.

Abortion thrives on discrimination. It thrives on the inhumane belief that some lives are better than others.

When Ohio passed its ban on Down syndrome abortions, it became the third state to do so, following Indiana and North Dakota. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office promised to “continue to vigorously defend Ohio law” in light of Judge Black’s decision.

Click here to read Franklin’s full letter.

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