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About those “10 reasons to Appreciate Your Local Abortion Provider”….

by | Mar 12, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

Abortionist Willie Parker

Darn, I missed it. I just learned today that last Saturday was “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day.” And not only did I miss the actual day of “appreciation,” I also missed Rewire News’Ten Reasons to Appreciate Your Local Abortion Provider.”

But, better late than never. The reasons to appreciate those who rip, tear, sever, and pulverize hapless unborn babies are timeless. Let’s address just three of 10 reasons offered by Mallory McMaster.

“1. Abortion providers make sure you’re safe.” A little one-sided, wouldn’t you say? How “safe” are the estimate d 60,069,971 babies torn to pieces since 1973?

“4. Abortion providers know how to have a good time. Being an abortion provider, especially in a red state, where anti-choice legislators are making it difficult to practice. … Luckily, providers know how important it is to decompress, recharge, and celebrate themselves and their teams when necessary.”

“Decompress”? Yes, I’m betting those whose consciences haven’t been permanently eviscerated might need occasionally to “decompress.”

“Celebrate themselves and their teams”? Why not? If you are circuit rider abortionist Willie Parker, who is shown beaming with three women in a photo that accompanies McMaster’s article, you know that when you parachute into some abortion clinic you can annihilate as many as 45 babies on a good day (so to speak).

Forty-five. And…

“7. Abortion providers know you might be broke. Although the majority of abortions in the United States occur during the first trimester, when costs are lowest, states are continuing to pass restrictions making it harder for people to access timely care. … Prices for abortion procedures go up as pregnancies progress, so the longer someone waits, the more money they need. As such, abortions can be expensive, and not everyone has access to enough money to pay for the care they need when they need it. Abortion providers understand this, and that’s why they’re dedicated to helping patients find financial assistance when they need it.”

True, the later abortions that the likes of Willie Parker happily dispatch, cost plenty. Roughly between $1,000 and $2,000 for an abortion at 20 weeks and much, much more for even later abortions. But out of the generosity of their too-small hearts, “abortion providers” will “make sure patients can access to the abortion they need, whether they can afford it or not.”

No way Willie Parker is going to allow a 25-week unborn baby to escape just because her mother is short on cash. Depending on the story, however, Parker says he stops at 25 weeks and refers women elsewhere.

Abortionist Warren Hern

But there’s always Warren Hern. Hern’s webpage advertises that he performs “third trimester abortions.” If there is a “fetal anomaly,” then “Patients can be seen anytime during pregnancy.” “Anytime.”

The Rewire News story ends with a paragraph that begins, “Have I convinced you yet?” Well, Ms. McMaster, you have, just not what you wanted to convince me of.

You have convinced me that I will be in this fight as long as I have breath.

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