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Never allow the pro-abortion media to mislead you

by | Mar 9, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

You need look no further back than the 2016 presidential election to know that polls can be suggestive but hardly definitive. In fact they can be flat-out wrong.

This is even more so now when voters are less likely than ever to tell pollsters what they truly believe, or even talk to them. I’m guessing rarely has that ever been more true than in trying to gauge approval numbers for pro-life President Donald Trump, the subject of 24/7 bashing by the major media.

Having said that, a poll conducted by Maris from March 5 to 6 found “President Trump’s approval rating is at its highest point in his presidency”—44% among registered voters, 42% among all adults.

By way of comparison, President Obama’s approval rating for an equivalent time in his first administration was 49%. Although a media darling who was virtually never criticized by the likes of the New York Times and the Washington Post, Obama’s approval numbers were still under 50%.

This is not to be Pollyannaish but simply to suggest that politics are in flux. And that virtually every “news” story has the objective of undermining the President and the Republican party, the pro-life party.

There is a story tonight suggesting that Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy may retire this summer. Who knows, but now or later, the point remains that any Supreme Court nominee will need to be confirmed by the Senate.

At the moment, Republicans have a very narrow margin. But what about the upcoming 2018 elections? As Newsbusters’ Bill D’Agostino wrote

In a Thursday piece titled, “Exclusive polls: Big warning signs for Senate Democrats,” Axios reporter Alexi McCammond determined that if the midterms had been held that day, five Democratic Senators would have lost their seats. Additionally, the poll found that three of the ten Senate Democrats featured in the article had approval ratings under 50 percent. This data poses an issue for the narrative of the coming “blue wave” that many in the media have predicted will flood the 2018 midterm elections.

I looked both at McCammond’s story and the SurveyMonkey/Axios poll itself. There was a lot of interesting additional stuff.

For example, under “By the numbers,” McCammond wrote

Trump’s approval is higher than the incumbent senators in six states (WV, ND, MT, IN, MO, OH). It’s higher than his national approval rating in all 10 states.

And under the category “Why it matters”:

Democrats are defending 10 Senate seats in states that President Trump won in 2016. In six of those states, Trump’s approval is higher than 50% (compared to 43% nationally). These numbers underscore how hard it will be for Democrats to pick up the two seats needed to win the majority despite Trump’s troubles.

To reiterate, it’s still early. But the principle point is 100% valid. The Establishment Media wants pro-lifers to be discouraged.

Don’t listen to their balderdash. It’s a classic example of the wish being father to the thought.