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NRLC’s Connecticut affiliate opposes assisted suicide bill

by | Mar 7, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

As NRL News Today has documented dozens of times, proponents of assisted suicide believe that if they introduce pro-death legislation enough times, eventually they will win. Those who oppose them, fortunately, are every bit as resolute in their determination to fend them off as often as they are brought up.

Which brings us to Connecticut’s HB 5417, euphemistically titled, “An Act Concerning End of Life Care.” Virtually identical (and in one case identical) bills were brought up in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Each version plays on people’s fears and trades in bogus assurances about “precautions” and “safeguards.”

The leading proponent? Who else? Compassion & Choices, formerly (and more correctly) known as the Hemlock Society.

Susan Smith is President of the Pro-Life Council of Connecticut, NRLC’s state affiliate. She wrote the following to members of the Public Health Committee that the bill’s innocuous sounding title camouflages

what is really going on here, and it is NOT END OF LIFE CARE. It is Assisted Suicide.

It would legalize the act of a physician dispensing & prescribing drugs to bring about their patient’s death, by committing suicide.

In the event, I give a mentally competent terminally ill family member or friend, drugs that would cause an overdose & death, it would be a crime. In Connecticut, I would be charged with murder.

However, if a physician prescribes or gives it to the same person, it would be legal under this bill.

Connecticut’s physicians should offer genuine ‘END OF LIFE CARE’ by making sure that their patients are legally protected and die in comfort with Human Dignity.

Prolife Council of Connecticut OPPOSES Assisted Suicide HB 5417.

Many citizens wrote the Public Health Committee to express their opposition. That includes Edward Emanuel who told the committee he is deaf and a senior citizen. But thanks to improvements in medical technology, Mr. Emanuel said, “I heard my first sound when I was in my late 40’s.”

He concluded

Physicians are healers. They should not be in the business of eliminating those sick or with disabilities, simply because they feel that they cannot contribute to society or taxpayers and the health insurance companies do not want to pay for their hospital care, even during their final days on earth. …

Doctors are Healers not Killers.

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