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Shop Amazon and help National Right to Life at the same time!

by | Mar 29, 2018

My daughter loves to shop.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s a millennial thing or just a “daughter” thing. Either way – it’s one of her favorite pastimes. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for her, she lives a small sea-side town. There are no malls, no Walmart, no Target, no Macy’s, no, well, nothing.

There’s an “old Sear’s store” built in the 50s that is hanging on by a thread.

To shop at a large retail store she, and all others in that town must drive more than 120 miles. So, their choices are, make the exhaustive drive – or shop on Amazon.

Most folks shop at Amazon. Fair prices, great delivery service, and next to no delivery cost – and for those who use AmazonSmile – their favorite charity receives 0.5% of their every purchase.

My daughter, like the good and faithful pro-lifer that she is uses AmazonSmile and has designated National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund as her preferred charity. It’s relatively simple to do – visit the site,, and the site will prompt you to choose your charity.

Just start typing out National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund in the prompted space and often it will autofill. Then click on it, and that’s it. From then on 0.5% of your purchases will be donated to us.


If you are not already registered at AmazonSmile, they have created a promotion to help non-profits find new partners. If you sign up now and make your first AmazonSmile purchase between March 12 – 31, they will donate 1.5% of that first purchase to National Right to Life!!!

So please sign up now, (it’s effortless.) Choose National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund as your designated charity and make your first purchase (a huge one) between March 12 and 31 and National Right to Life will receive another life-saving donation.

From that point on, the 0.5% of all of your following purchases will be donated to us by Amazon. Join, enjoy a little shopping, and help National Right to Life.

Happy Shopping!

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