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Alfie Evans still breathing on his own, family continues in negotiations with hospital to bring their son home

by | Apr 27, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

There have been a number of developments since we reported late last night about Alfie Evans.

First and foremost, as of 4:30am EST, Alfie is alive and breathing on his own. I have been unable to get a clarification, but it appears as if he is receiving only water, no nourishment.

As NRL News Today readers know, with judicial sanction Alder Hey hospital took Alfie off his ventilator Monday, a little after 9:00 pm, London time. As this post is being written, Alfie has breathed on his own for over four days.

Second, according to both The Mirror  and the Liverpool Echo, Tom Evans and Kate James, his awesome parents, continue in negotiations with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to bring him home.

The hospital, of course, holds all the cards.

The parents have lost a lengthy string of court cases and for now seem resigned to not going back to court to try to win permission to take their severely ill 23-month-old toddler to the Bambino Gesu hospital in Rome. Yesterday even though the couple had just lost again in front of the Court of Appeal, an exhausted Mr. Evans took the high road in a letter he read aloud.

Together we recognise the strains recent events have put upon us all, and we now wish for privacy for everyone concerned.

In Alfie’s interests we will work with his treating team on provides our boy with the dignity and comfort he needs.

From this point onwards there will be no more statements issued, or interviews given.

Third, as we noted in a reposted story , the mother of Charlie Gard, expressed her deepest sympathy to Tom and Kate. Last year in an eerily similar case, Charlie died at 11 months old.

Connie Yates and Chris Gard battled an unresponsive judiciary in the form of Justice Nicholas Francis and a famous children’s hospital– Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH)–which steadfastly refused their plea to permit them to take their own son to the United States for experimental therapy.

Connie Yates said:

With heavy hearts we have watched as Alfie’s case has unfolded. For those who have not been in a situation like this, it is impossible to understand the pain Tom and Kate are going through.

When we were fighting for our son, Charlie Gard, to be given a chance to try a treatment that could have improved his quality of life, we realised that cases like these would keep happening until the law was changed.

Tragically, this has proven to be true.

Since Charlie’s passing in July last year, we have been working with paediatric consultants, medical ethicists, senior lawyers, U.K. politicians and other parents who have suffered through similar situations as us, to try and propose a law that will prevent parents experiencing painful and prolonged conflicts with medical professionals. …

“We would ask those pushing for law change to take account of the careful work already done, and join us as we continue to push for a solution that is best for all involved.”

Third, the Christian Legal Centre (CLC), the legal team for Alfie Evans’s parents, spoke out after being hammered by the Court of Appeals judges. They hit back at what they described as “unfair” and “detrimental” criticism.

Finally, here are additional headlines, courtesy of Josh Parry of the Liverpool Echo:

  • Steven Woolfe, Member of the European Parliament, has called for parents not to be ignored by the courts
  • A candlelight vigil was held at the Vatican
  • ‘Alfie’s Army’ asked for their 615k members to comment with where they were – replies came from around the world
  • Nigel Farage told US TV [Fox News] the state should not own are children
  • [Former Member of Parliament] Ann Widdecombe said “doctors are not infallible”

NRL News Today will keep you updated.

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