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Ed Sheeran song with surprisingly pro-life message

by | Apr 5, 2018

By Lauren Enriquez

Editor’s note. This post ran several years ago at LiveActionNews. Since that time Ed Sheeran has become (as they say) a megastar. Periodically I like to repost stories about life-affirming pro-life songs and videos, offering readers a second chance to read the message and watch the video that they may have missed.

The U.K.’s Ed Sheeran, who became an overnight sensation with his chart-topping song “The A Team,” has touched listeners with another tune from his album “+” (Plus) carrying a surprising pro-life message.

In a storytelling set of lyrics, the song, “Small Bump,” conveys the journey of a pregnancy with a surprise ending from the unexpected perspective of a father. Chronicling the weeks and months of development in utero, the song reveals the love of a father for a child who was clearly wanted and loved, and whose birth was anticipated.

You’re just a small bump unborn in four months you’re brought to life
You might be left with my hair but you’ll have your mother’s eyes
I’ll hold your body in my hands, be as gentle as I can
But for now you’re a scan of my unmade plans
A small bump in four months you brought to life
And I’ll whisper quietly and give you nothing but truth
If you’re not inside me, I’ll put my future in you
You are my one and only
And you can wrap your fingers round my thumb
And hold me tight
You are my one and only
You can wrap your fingers round my thumb
And hold me tight
And you’ll be alright

Sheeran goes on to describe the baby’s development, and his fascination with the tiny developments is heartwarming:

You’re just a small bump, I know you’ll grow into your skin
With a smile like hers and a dimple beneath your chin
Fingernails the size of a half grain of rice
And eyelids closed to be soon open wide

The song’s bridge closes the deal: Sheeran is in love, and his paternal affection is oozing from the gentle tone of his voice, his lyrics, and the tangible excitement of looking towards the birth of a child:

Then you can lie with me, with your tiny feet
When you’re half asleep I’ll leave you be
Right in front of me, for a couple weeks
So I can keep you safe

By the end of the song, you’re as in love with this baby as Sheeran is. But in a subtle but startling ending, he concludes:

‘Cos you were just a small bump unborn for four months, then torn from life
Maybe you were needed up there but we’re still unaware as why.

In the music video, the father’s pain is manifested by the fact that he is relegated to the waiting room of a hospital. The viewer anticipates a nurse coming out to greet the father with the happy news of a child, but instead cameras close out the scene with him remaining in the waiting area, unable to bring home the warm and healthy, long-anticipated child. After Sheeran makes you fall in love with his little unborn child, you discover that the song is a tribute to his or her memory.

A few things about this video are unique. First, it provides a father’s take on an issue that does not usually broadcast the male perspective. Second, it touches on the tragedy of losing a child. While it is (apparently) outside of the context of abortion, the cold waiting room and anti-climactic ending are hallmarks shared by both scenarios, so a comparison is not out of the question. It is beautiful to see stories like this one (and similarly, last season’s Parenthood episode and a recent Jay-Z song), which give a voice to the fathers who have lost children that they truly wanted.

We know that in abortion, it does not matter whether a father wants his child: he has no rights to interfere with the life-and-death decisions of his child. We hope to continue to see fathers speaking out for the dignity of their children and demonstrating their role in the family dynamic.

Editor’s note. This first appeared at Live Action News.

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