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Every baby is a little miracle …whether…

by | Apr 25, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

Traditionally each August my family goes back home to Minnesota to visit family and friends. This year we will add an extra short visit in June just before the NRLC Convention in Kansas City to attend my brother’s daughter’s wedding.

When we were back in 2017, we were blessed to see how completely in love with her brand new baby boy another of our nieces was. It was like old times watching her (and my sister, her mother) pull out the Pampers.

Nowadays even our grandkids are long past the diaper stage, so I don’t often see commercials for Pampers these days, or, if I do, they don’t register.

But I know, from having written about many of Pampers’ commercials in the past, they are often awesome. They affirm not only the importance of babies, but they also remind parents that “Every baby is a little miracle to celebrate, support and protect.”

And since they often begin with sonograms, pro-lifers see this sentiment as apropos not just for babies once they are born, but from the beginning of the baby’s developmental journey.

If you watch “For every little miracle,” I promise you will (as did I) forward the link to many of your family and friends.

The overarching point they make is…circumstances don’t matter. Whatever they be, babies are a gift, a treasure, to honor and protect and (my words here) to marvel at.

The very first “whether” is the most important: “whether he’s planned or not…”

We first see a headshot of a young woman in her wedding dress–and then the rest of this woman’s very pregnant profile.

That is cutting to the chase. We too often forget that babies don’t choose the circumstances of his conception. That’s on us.

Moreover, without being preachy or overt, the ad (I believe) is telling us in no uncertain terms that there is only one choice–to choose to “celebrate, support and protect” this “little miracle.”

There are many other “whethers,” including whether the baby has “special needs” or has “lots of needs” [comes as a package deal with multiple siblings]…or adopted…or comes “3 months early” [a preemie] “or ten years late “[an older mom]…or is biracial/multicultural…or has family nearby or “far away.”

In all these circumstances–the planned and the perfect, or the unplanned and the other-than-perfect–this baby is one of us, a miracle to whom we have the strongest obligation on the face of the planet: to our own flesh and blood.

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