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“Fake News” long preceded 2016 in relentless media distortion about fetal pain

by | Apr 13, 2018

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For very understandable reasons, pro-abortionists panic at the very thought of a wide-ranging discussion (or any discussion) of the merits of tearing apart pain-capable unborn babies 20 weeks (and older). It isn’t an enviable position to be in.

That’s why they insist on talking about abortion in the abstract. The concrete details of shredding limbs and severing heads is a topic they don’t dwell on. That’s why, for example, earlier in 2018 while the Senate was trying to overcome pro-abortion obstructionism, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) intoned that abortions is “safer than getting your tonsils out.” Even coming from a pro-abortion automaton like Warren, it was painful to watch, but nothing like what a baby goes through as she has her arms sheared off.

Pro-abortionist such as the Planned Parenthoods and NARALs reflexively chirp how the public “supports choice.” It’s not true but even less so when the object of that “choice” is a well-developed unborn child. Opposition always is in the 60%+ range.

To take one of many examples, a nationwide poll taken Election Day 2016 by The polling company, inc./WomanTrend found almost two-thirds support (64%) for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act—well more than double (28%) those who opposed.

Support for the bill extended across all demographic and geographic boundaries. For example

Millennial voters        78% support

Women voters             67% support

African Americans     70% support

Hispanics                      57 % support

What’s a pro-abortionist to do? Skip around the inconvenient, bloody truth about what happens and to whom when a pain-capable baby is aborted and, of course, ignore/obfuscate/obliterate the solid public support for a bill to stop these hideous abortions.

A perfect example of the rhetorical runaround is pro-abortion scribe Amanda Marcotte. She announced recently she’s discovered “How the anti-abortion movement helped invent fake news,” sub-headed, “Anti-abortion activists trained the right to accept and perpetuate lies. Now the problem has metastasized.”

Now to be clear, truth is always the first casualty with Marcotte talks about abortion. This is the same Amanda Marcotte who in referencing singer Nicki Minaj in 2015 urged us to see that pregnancy is like “when you break your leg” and abortion is the “cast.”

Or who in the same year declared that “Actual biologists, for what it’s worth, argue that life is continuous and that a fertilized egg is no more or less alive than a sperm or an unfertilized egg.” Of course, this is the kind of error a ninth grade biology student wouldn’t make.

As Paul Stark astutely observed, this “is to confuse ‘life’ in the sense of all life everywhere on the planet going back to the beginning with the life of an individual human being.”

Or who this year announced that “legitimate scientists say that the earliest possibility that unborn babies can feel pain is around 29 weeks.”

Twenty-nine weeks? Please.

And those are just three of many bizarre examples.

So what did she argue (again) in her Salon post? It is almost embarrassing to go through her “argument,” but at its simplest (and it is all simple), Marcotte is asserting that the pro-life movement is really rooted in the old “Righteous Right” and that opposition to abortion is really cover for “hostility to women’s equality and sexual liberation.”

How original.

Never mind that this is not even marginally true or that the Movement’s origins are far more complex and even more so today when there is a vast variety of new groups many of which are avowedly secular. Or that the Movement’s leadership has always been predominately female.

So with that dismal start, Marcotte rolls out some of the usual usuals and other ploys so old that even pro-abortionists are reluctant to dust them off.

By definition, we’re told, that there can be no after-effects from abortion, which is absurd on its face. And of course “fetuses” can’t feel pain in the second trimester. In fact there is plenty of direct and indirect evidence that the unborn child is capable of experiencing excruciating pain at 20 weeks.

There are other half-baked allegations from Marcotte, the slipshod kind that blame pro-lifers collectively for the action of one man who has been ruled legally incompetent, a man who ranted “about doomsday prophecies and claims that he was the target of a decades-long conspiracy involving federal law enforcement agents,” and who believed President Obama “was the Anti-Christ,” according to the Denver Post.

But if the goal is to smear, who cares? She (and all the others of her ilk) hope that if you throw enough mud, some will stick.

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