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In Memory of Alfie Evans, We Must Press Forward

by | Apr 30, 2018

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

I will never forget that night. My baby daughter, who had been battling a bad cold, was struggling for breath. In the emergency room, surrounded by children in similar straits, I heard from the doctor the words no parent ever wants to hear: “Your child is the sickest one here.”

The fear that gripped me was unfathomable. I felt so helpless, so desperate for a cure.

Thankfully, my baby girl rebounded enough to be sent home with a nebulizer, a machine that vaporized liquid medication for her to inhale, and a preliminary diagnosis of asthma.

I could have never dreamed that night that my daughter would grow to be a star ballerina and a competitive swimmer. Such athletic feats seemed far beyond her reach. But with patience, practice, and prayer, she grew in health and strength.

This is why, I believe, the story of little Alfie Evans so touches my heart. I can relate to his parents, so desperate and determined to get him the best care possible. I can understand their anguish when the UK hospital in which he was trapped refused to give him that care–in fact, even blocked him from traveling to an overseas facility for treatment.

When I posted on my Facebook page the horrifying news that Alfie had died, I received more comments than I have ever fielded for a social media post. The comments all carried with them intense sorrow at the injustice of Alfie’s plight.

But I will not rest in grief. The case has invigorated my opposition to euthanasia. In memory of Alfie, I believe we who recognize the sanctity of innocent human life must press on, willing to peacefully battle the powers-that-be to restore protection for the most innocent and most vulnerable among us.

Alfie’s young life can never be replaced. But he remains our hero, a martyr victimized by a cold-hearted court system and medical establishment. May he rest in eternal peace, and may we nobly fight on.

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