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Irish Govt. proposed legislation is Abortion up to 6 Months

by | Apr 30, 2018

By Save The 8th

Editor’s note. “Save The 8th” is a grassroots pro-life Irish coalition dedicated to protecting the 8th amendment to the Irish Constitution which recognizes the equal rights of mothers and unborn babies. There is a referendum on the 8th scheduled for May.

After weeks of campaigning most people are now aware that the Irish Government’s proposed abortion legislation allows abortion, for any reason at all, up to 12 weeks. But the proposed legislation goes far, far beyond that – it will actually allow abortion up to ‘viability’, generally put at 24 weeks, on mental health grounds.[i]

The Government say this will be limited, as it requires a risk of ‘serious harm’ to the health of the mother, and requires signoff from two medical practitioners. But we’ve seen this before in England.

97% of all abortion in England and Wales are classed as “Ground C” abortions, of which 99.7% are for reasons of mental health. That’s over 180,000 abortions, for ‘risk to mental health’ in 2016 alone.

Only 262 abortion in 2016, out of over 190,000, were carried out to save a woman’s life or prevent permanent damage to her health.[i]

Even Ann Furedi, head of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service [BPAS], has said “women have to pretend they will have a nervous breakdown if they continue the pregnancy, and doctors pretend to believe them”.[i]

According to a statement signed by 100 legal experts, including several former judges including a former judge of the European Court of justice, [the proposed legislation] would mean the total removal of constitutional rights from the unborn.

“The proposed legislation would allow the life of the unborn to be ended for any reason up until twelve weeks, and far beyond that on grounds which have led to abortion on demand in other jurisdictions. In addition, such limitations on abortion as may be set in the legislation could be removed at any time without the consent of the People”.[ii]

This is not restricted, this is not limited. This is abortion for any reason at all up to 12 weeks, and abortion on grounds we have seen are massively misused elsewhere. How can a system which allows a baby to be aborted at up to 6 months old, for the flimsiest of reasons, be restrictive?

Summary of Points

The Government have said exactly what laws they will bring in if the [8th amendment to the Irish Constitution is] repealed, and they plan to legalise abortion until ‘viability’ on vague health grounds. That’s abortion to 6 months. This is horrific. You can read the policy paper here.

So , if the 8th is repealed, abortion on mental and physical health grounds up to 6 months will be legal. Mental Health is the reason for 184,000 of the 190,000 abortions in England and Wales every year.[iii]

So 97% of the abortions in Britain are on ‘health’ grounds.[iv]

Everyone knows it’s a fraud, and that ‘health grounds’ are abortion on demand. And if this abortion proposal passes, It we will legalise that up to 6 months. This goes too far for most Irish people.

Even the people running British abortion clinics admit that the mental health ground is widely seen as being used to allow ‘on-demand’ abortions after 12 weeks. [v][vi][vii]

Simon Coveney [Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland] is saying this is ‘restrictive’. How can aborting a baby at 6 months possibly be restrictive?

If repeal passes this will be the only time you will ever get to vote directly on abortion and what regulation of abortion should look like.

The Government says the repeal of the 8th is necessary to allow for abortion in hard cases, but this is not just abortion in the hard cases – it’s abortion on demand, up to 6 months.

Of the 190,000 abortions in England in 2016, only 262 abortions were performed to either save a woman’s life or to prevent permanent damage to her health – there were 3,208 abortions due to ‘a substantial risk that…it would suffer from such physical or mental abnormalities as to be seriously handicapped’, which is to say there were 3,208 in 2016 abortions due to disability.

This appeared at Save The Eighth and is reposted with permission.

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