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Man confess to stabbing girlfriend to death for refusing to abort

by | Apr 16, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

A 23-year-old student has confessed to police in Jahun, Nigeria, that he stabbed his 22-year-old girlfriend to death when she refused to abort.

The Jigawa Police command arrested Ismail Nasiru after an investigation that followed the discovery of the body of Salamatu Garba in a bush, The Daily Post reported.

“From the information obtained by the police, detectives attached to the Homicide Section learnt about the relationship between the victim and Nasiru,” said Zama Senchi , the State Commissioner of Police. “They stormed his house and arrested him,” the newspaper reported.

The case was then transferred to police command headquarters in the state capital of Jigawa, a state in central northern Nigeria.

Fikayo Olowolagba reported that Nasiru confessed during interrogation.

When Garba became pregnant, Nasiru said, “I wanted her to abort it, but she adamantly refused. And the pregnancy progressed to four months.”

According to the story, on March 23, Nasiru took Garba to Jahun General Hospital where two nurses refused his offer of money to perform the abortion.

“That same day, I took Salamatu from the hospital on my motorcycle and rode straight into the bush around 9:00pm.

“When I stopped, I brought out my Jack knife and stabbed her on the neck and waited until she died before I left the bush and went to my house.”

“The police came and arrested me. Later, they searched my house and found her head-tie.”

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