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“Mary Kills People” is a dangerous and irresponsible show

by | Apr 9, 2018

By Nancy Elliott, Chair – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition – USA

Nancy Elliott

A recent article written by Lindsay Kornick, entitled “Euthanasia Drama Claims Death Can ‘Be a party’” gets it right. It seems that the series “Mary Kills People” is at it again. As she and her accomplice go around killing people, they try to candy coat it for their victims.

The latest one is a sick man that instead of encouraging him to fight his disease, she tells him death is a party. First everyone knows that you do not encourage a suicidal person. Second as a doctor she should know that a person fighting a disease needs encouragement and not a kick to the pavement.

Additionally, Mary acknowledges that the treatment is working. This is one of the main reasons that legalizing assisted suicide and euthanasia is so detrimental to the health care of us all. Once doctors start killing their patients as a treatment for disease they no longer will work to cure people.

In Oregon, where assisted Suicide is legal, they do not treat cancer if there is less than a 5 year life expectancy. We are talking about an average, so some could live 10 years or longer. This time is valuable to the individual. Yet Mary and those who subscribe to her thinking are OK with pushing people under the bus.

Let’s go back to the flippant comment used to push her death agenda, Death can be a Party. This is not an original thought. The pro death groups have been having death parties for some time. I heard of one in Oregon, where the friends and family of the soon to be departed, gathered to urge him on. The alcohol flowed making it hard for the victim to back down.

There was another one where a woman allegedly danced all night at her death party and then encouraged by those around her took the poison. And let’s not forget the California woman who had the full weekend death party ending with someone helping her drink the poison. These are stories that are used to glamorize death by suicide. But is it really glamorous to commit suicide. No, it is not.

The targets for assisted suicide and euthanasia are the sick, elderly and people with disabilities. It is a discriminatory policy that has a special carve out to kill certain people that society thinks are less important. And just like the man that was winning with his chemotherapy, they are not necessarily dying. In Oregon, a young otherwise healthy diabetic qualifies for legal assisted suicide if he refuses insulin.

Jeanette Hall

How many others people who are on meds become terminal if they cease their medication and what about all the treatable cancers and other diseases. People could be throwing away years and even decades. Jeanette Hall in Oregon, where assisted suicide is legal was diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to a year to live. She wanted to use the act to have her life ended. Her doctor talked her into treatment instead and she was cured. Now 17 years later she is happy to be alive.

Doctors who kill their patients instead of treating them, encouraging them and showing them true compassion when they are in need, are lazy, incompetent, murderers, lacking in human empathy or compassion and deserve jail time. I would not want to go to a doctor who ends their patient’s life as I would not think my life is safe in their hands.

And what about Hollywood and more of their usual garbage glamorizing doctors that kill their patients. They are no better than the Nazis in Germany who produced films to soften the public to accept euthanasia, and we all know how well that turned out.

Mary Kills People is a dangerous and irresponsible show that should be terminated.

Editor’s note. This appeared on the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition blog and is reposted with permission.

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