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Pro-abortionists tout money they will spend in mid-term elections

by | Apr 18, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

With the regularity of swallows returning to Capistrano, each election cycle pro-abortion organizations contact their legion of friends in the media to announce they are about to spend a gazillion dollars electing pro-abortion candidates.

On Monday PPFA’s political arm and the rest of a “progressive coalition” [Center for Community Change Action, Color Of Change PAC, and the Service Employees International Union] announced they would spend $30 million dollars on the upcoming midterm elections.

Their focus, according to Griffin Connolly of Roll Call, will be to target what they called “infrequent voters” in three states, Florida, Nevada, and Michigan. By “infrequent voters,” they mean “people of color, women and young people,” according to a press release.

The PR statement lamented the “Trump-Pence Administration” for the sins of working to protect unborn children, the right of conscience, and the taxpayer’s pocketbook from the long hands of the Abortion Industry, which receives hundreds of millions of federal dollars annually.

Connolly reminds us

Planned Parenthood’s political arm launched a similar effort a month before the 2016 presidential election to aid Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton.

He doesn’t bother to mention the obvious—that it didn’t work—but does quote the coalition as noting previous midterm efforts have foundered.


That pro-abortionists have oodles of money but have failed electorally in the past is not news to pro-lifers. National Right to Life makes up for the deficit in resources with the power of truth, the self-sacrifice of hard-working volunteers and donors, and making every dollar they do have stretch further.

And so we trust it will be again in 2018.

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