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The pro-abortion, truth-shaving Irish media

by | Apr 27, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

We don’t need to rehash at length what we’ve documented time and time again. The Irish media is pro-abortion from its collective head to the bottom of its soles. It is not a debatable proposition.

In the category “it would be funny if it weren’t so malevolent” is the constant drumbeat that the under-funded and out-gunned opposition to gutting the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution is deliberately playing fast and loose with the truth.

But as is always the case, this is the pro-abortion side attributing to the pro-life side what the anti-life forces excel at: distortion and misrepresentation.

“Save the Eighth” is exactly what it sounds like. A coalition of Irish pro-life organizations attempting to defeat next month’s referendum which, if passed, would first eliminate the equal protections to mothers and unborn children guaranteed by the 8th amendment. But it would also authorize the government of the Republic of Ireland to legislate on abortion.

At a minimum the government proposes to legalize abortion through the first twelve weeks but the door is wide open for virtual abortion on demand if any of a variety of conditions are meant.

Which brings us to the Independent, which has its self-important fact-checking department geared up to answer this question: “Are 1 in 5 babies in England aborted? We look at the facts behind a Save the 8th campaign poster.”

Their conclusion?

Verdict: Unproven, which means that “the evidence available is insufficient to support or refute the claim.”

Stay with me because this combines hair-splitting and misdirection culminating in bald-faced absurdity.

The Factchecker argument (if what he/she writes can be called an “argument”) is that since pro-lifers see all babies as babies beginning at conception, if you add in miscarriages to live births and abortions, fewer than 1 in 5 babies are aborted.

Two obvious answers. First, does anybody not understand the difference between deliberately aborting and what is sometimes called a spontaneous abortion—a miscarriage?

Does anyone besides this “Factchecker” not see what the poster is saying? That in a conscious choice between life and abortion, 1 in 5 babies are lost to abortion?

Second, as one respondent noted online, “As a proportion of live births to abortions – it is 1 in 5. Perfectly accurate.”

But the Independent, like the Irish Times and the other major secular Irish media, is determined not just to pass the referendum but in the process to smear pro-lifers—to pretend that we can’t make a legitimate argument in defense of the 8th Amendment. This has long-term consequences.

Remember, if the referendum passes, the government will move to formally unleash the abortion industry, step by step. And if pro-lifers can’t be trusted….

It makes their job of misrepresentative and truth-shaving all the easier.

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