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There is still hope: chemical abortions and second thoughts

by | Apr 13, 2018

By Matthew Wagner, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

There is still hope: that is the theme of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life’s campaign to educate people about the abortion pill reversal process.

With the increasing prevalence of chemical abortion, our message is more important than ever. For mothers who have already taken the first abortion pill, and begun the process of aborting their child, it is a reminder that they can call the abortion pill reversal hotline at 1-877-558-0333.

A nurse will direct them to a local doctor who can administer life-saving medication that will allow them to continue their pregnancy and allow their precious baby to live. More information about the abortion pill reversal process can be found by visiting

Our multi-faceted campaign will feature a beautiful brochure that lets a woman know the truth about the abortion pill reversal process that the abortion industry is trying to hide—that as long as she takes the abortion pill reversal medication within 24-48 hours she can save her baby’s life.

This brochure is being printed now, and will be sent out to Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation members in the next week or so, along with instructions on how members can receive additional copies for distribution. We will also be sending multiple copies of the brochure to our hundreds of pro-life pregnancy centers, chapters and affiliates, and pro-life sidewalk counselors across the Commonwealth.

It will also involve a feature presentation at our pro-life education booth throughout the spring and summer, and an increased presence on our website, in our radio outreach, and anywhere else we can get the word out.

Thank you for helping us in this important effort to remind mothers that there is always a reason to choose life!