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What to look for at NRLC 2018 convention

by | Apr 16, 2018

As pro-lifers what we say matters & so does how we respond to pro-abortion questions & assertions. The incomparable Olivia G. Turner gives a great presentation by offering pro-life facts to pro-abortion innuendos. #NRLC2018 @O_G_Turner @kansansforlife

A must-attend session every year, the speaker in this workshop, the incomparable Olivia Gans Turner gives suggestions on how to respond in a positive manner when discussing abortion, including the hard-issue questions or situations. She will explain how you can learn to speak in sound bites, provide specific tools for you to use to better promote the pro-life message, and give hints on how to get your pro-life message across to your friends, family, and the public in general.

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