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A Salute to Pro-life Nurses During National Nurses Week

by | May 10, 2018

By Katie Franklin

Dr. George Delgado

In honor of National Nurses Week, Dr. George Delgado, member of Heartbeat International’s Medical Advisory Board and one of Abortion Pill Reversal’s two pioneers, issued a video cheering the work of pro-life nurses this week.

“I want to tell you how much I appreciate all the great work that you do in helping women who are in crisis pregnancies, and women, men and families who are in very difficult situations who come to your centers,” said Delgado.

At least 600 nurses are currently employed or associated with Heartbeat International Affiliates alone, lending medical care to women and children at pregnancy centers around the world.

Many nurses are trained to do ultrasound and teach classes in centers and clinics, a number serving in key leadership roles for their pregnancy help organization. Other notable medical services they offer include STD testing and treatment and prenatal care.

Some nurses are even helping women reverse their abortions.

“Many of you are involved with Abortion Pill Reversal, and I can’t tell you what a gift you are to these women who’ve taken mifepristone and changed their minds,” he said. “The gift of giving them a second chance at choice is just precious and cannot be measured. Not to mention the life-saving work that you do, saving these babies’ lives when they were so close to being aborted.”

This powerful protocol is one of many services for which Heartbeat International offers continuing education units (CEUs). Heartbeat also offers CEUs in ultrasound provision, STI testing, prenatal care, screening for domestic violence, treating postpartum depression, perinatal comfort care, post-abortion care, and more.

Though there are certainly challenges to serving as a pro-life nurse at a pregnancy center, most Americans overwhelmingly support their work.

In 2014, the Charlotte Lozier Institute polled 1,300 men and women aged 18-44 years, asking how “necessary” are organizations that “provide free medical services and other support to women with unexpected pregnancy and encourage them to give birth to their babies.” The survey also indicated, “They do not offer or refer women for abortions.” An impressive 90 percent of respondents answered “very necessary” or “fairly necessary.”

This along with Dr. Delgado’s salute to nurses this week serves as a heartening reminder of the ultimate value of their work.

“I want to tell you once again how much gratitude I have, how much appreciation I have for all that you do—all the respect that I have,” he said. “Your love and compassion is bringing the face of Christ to all of these women and families wherever you meet them.”

Editor’s note. This appeared at Pregnancy Help News and is reposted with permission.