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Bad poll news for pro-abortion incumbent Democratic senators

by | May 3, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

Sen. Claire McCaskill

If I believe, and I most assuredly do, that it borders on absurdity to draw even tentative conclusions about the lay of the political landscape months out, why would I bother to discuss the very positive results from a new Morning Consult poll?

Simply because the narrative from the pro-abortion Establishment Media is one of unrelieved doom and gloom for pro-life President Donald Trump and for Republican congressional candidates, who are almost always pro-life and who virtually without exception face pro-abortion Democrats.

That initial wave of enthusiasm for Democrats and skepticism about the level of support for Republicans was highly unlikely to last over time. But that’s a subject for another time.

To get to the results of the Morning Consult poll….

For our purposes, the primary takeaway (and these are all considered “competitive races”) are the dangerously high numbers of people who responded, vis a vis vulnerable pro-abortion Democrats, that it was “time for a new person” in the seat.

Does it mean, for example, that pro-abortion Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) is toast? Of course not. But the numbers, from her camp’s perspective, are ominous.

The pro-abortion St. Louis Post-Dispatch headlined its story today

Bad news for McCaskill: New poll says majority of Missourians think it’s time for new senator

Here is Chuck Raasch’s lead:

WASHINGTON • More than half of Missourians say they want to elect a new U.S. senator, according to a new Morning Consult poll that also shows Sen. Claire McCaskill with the worst job-approval ratings of any incumbent Democrat running in states won by President Donald Trump.

The poll showed McCaskill with a 38 percent approval rating and 45 percent disapproval, with 53 percent saying it was “time for a new person” in the seat. The poll, taken between February and April, also showed that 29 percent believe McCaskill deserves re-election

Just to be clear, nearly twice as many people said it was time for someone new (53%) as said McCaskill deserves another term (29%).

But this bad news for pro-abortion Democratic incumbents running in competitive races extends in all directions.

For example, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin. Over half—53%–said it was time for “someone else,” according to the poll.

Pro-abortion Democratic Sen. Bob Casey, Jr. (Pa.) still has the advantage of being the son of a pro-life Pennsylvania Gov. But the Morning Consult poll numbers were shocking. Only 30% said he deserves re-election compared to 45% who say it is time for a new person.

Other pro-abortion Democratic incumbents with bad-to-abysmal numbers include Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown (32%/42%); Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin (34%/48%); Florida Sen. Bill Nelson (31%/46%); Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly (30%/43%); and North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (35%/49%).

There are other encouraging political numbers out this week that we will discuss tomorrow.

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