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“Bias” of NY Times Editors Is So Obvious Even CBS Notices

by | May 23, 2018

By Scott Whitlock

The aggressive, biased coverage of The New York Times against Donald Trump is so obvious that even the liberal journalists at CBS noticed it. On Tuesday, CBS This Morning hosts talked to Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet and Washington Bureau Chief Elisabeth Bumiller about their appearance in the new Showtime documentary series The Fourth Estate.

Asked why the paper would allow cameras inside the Times’s operation, Baquet insisted the program will show: “…That we have a mission, that we make mistakes. But that we work extremely hard, that we’re not biased.” This is the same man who once insisted it was important to call Trump a liar, but that Hillary Clinton merely “exaggerates.”

CBS This Morning co-host John Dickerson didn’t seem to buy Baquet’s claims of neutrality. Regarding the Showtime documentary series, Dickerson described:

This series opens up on inauguration day, it’s a cloudy day. But it opens up with clouds over the White House and the editor staring at the screen as if they’re watching a funeral. Won’t people watching this think this confirms every feeling I have about The New York Times being biased about this president?

Baquet casually replied that, of course, everyone was in a bad mood: “First off, it was a grim inaugural speech. It was meant to be grim. It’s hard not to have had a grim reaction.”

This Morning co-host Gayle King —who donates to Democrats and has encouraged her liberal friend Oprah Winfrey to run for president — seemed to think that the Times hiring new journalists means the paper isn’t out to get Trump:

If you listen to President Trump, it would seem that The New York Times tries on a daily basis just to take him down, to try to find things that are negative about him, to take him down. In fact, you’ve expanded the bureau to get it right.

Bureau chief Bumiller proudly touted the beefed up Times effort:

The bureau’s now almost 100 people. On election day, 2016, it was 70. So, you can see what we’ve done….. There’s six White House reporters now. There used to be four. We’ve added an investigations team. We’ve added more editors, more visual journalists.

Question: Where was this investigative, curious zeal during the Obama administration? Why, only now, does the Times want to hold truth to power? Could it be the same reason that The Washington Post waited for the Trump era to add “Democracy Dies in Darkness” to the front page? …

Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a Newsbusters post and is reposted with permission.

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