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Good News – Pro-Life Victories!

by | May 11, 2018

Good News!

On Tuesday, May 8, strong pro-life Republican candidates Mike Braun, Jim Renacci, and Patrick Morrisey WON their respective Senate primaries in Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia! They are challenging Democratic Senate incumbents Joe Donnelly, Sherrod Brown and Joe Manchin. Each of these Democrats has voted repeatedly in favor of funding Planned Parenthood which performs about one out of every three abortions in America and still receives Hundreds of Millions of our tax dollars each year!

And Planned Parenthood and its pro-abortion allies have pledged to spend Thirty Million Dollars to defeat pro-life candidates and elect the kind of pro-abortion senators who will keep the dollars flowing to the abortion industry! If they succeed more babies will die.

We must see that pro-lifers know exactly where the candidates stand – both those who stand for life and those who stand for abortion. No one does that better than National Right to Life!

The pro-abortion side is already hard at work. We must do no less. Please help now! May God bless you for all you do on behalf of these defenseless children.

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