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I didn’t know that’s what abortion looks like

by | May 2, 2018

By Monique Pelland

One afternoon I held out a brochure to a man walking by and asked him what he thought about abortion.

“About what?” he asked. Not sure if he had heard me, I repeated myself: “Abortion.”

He looked at the image I was holding of a ten-week-old aborted fetus, and looked like he had little idea of what I was talking about. A familiar word but an unfamiliar reality. He opened the brochure I had given him and began to read.

He was quiet for some time. I began to wonder. Was he confused, did he have questions, did he need to talk? I told him some statistics on how often abortion happens in Canada, but he was studying his brochure intently, only occasionally looking up to glance at the image I was holding.

I could tell something was working in his mind and heart, so I decided to give him some time to internally process what he was seeing.

A little while later he said quietly, “I didn’t know.”

Knowing he wasn’t responding to the statistics but something deeper, I asked:

”Didn’t know what?”

He stared at the picture and looked distraught.

“That abortion looked like this?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said, nodding his head. “Thank you.”

I could tell he was emotionally hurt by the reality of what abortion looks like. He felt deprived of truth, that something so horrifying was so hidden. That he hadn’t known what was really going on.

It is hard to imagine that people don’t know what abortion looks like, but it is a reality. Who pictures abortion as it really is? Actually, who pictures abortion at all?

What is abortion? Abortion is the intentional killing—decapitation, disembowelment, and dismemberment—of an innocent human being. Babies, being ripped, limb by limb, from the safety of their mother’s womb. No wonder people don’t like our signs.

It’s because they see the crime, they see wrong being done, but are afraid because they know that if they admit that abortion is wrong, their lives will be impacted by that truth. Could they afford to give in to the idea that would change their life?

But I say, can they afford not to?

Editor’s note. This appeared at Unmasking Choice.

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