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National Right to Life Applauds President Trump

by | May 25, 2018

We are living in topsy-turvy times where good is bad and night is day.

There is a constitutional right to kill an unborn baby, but no right to school-led prayer – and fighting to protect these babies is deemed controversial and “politically incorrect.”

National Right to Life receives no government funding, and corporate giving almost exclusively goes to “politically correct” causes that are not considered controversial. But because of people like you, National Right to Life can continue to fight for the right to life of the most vulnerable each and every day. Politically correct or not!

Recently, National Right to Life, in tandem with nearly 200 Members of Congress and numerous other pro-life groups urged the Trump administration to reinstate pro-life Title X regulations. Our determination was so definite and precise that the Trump Administration has announced it will restore the original character of the family planning feature to Title X program by prohibiting funds from going to facilities that perform abortions or refer for abortion.

These announced protections are another huge pro-life win for which we applaud President Trump. Do the mainstream media and the social elites consider this victory controversial and politically incorrect? Of course, they do! But we know, just as you do, that this is what National Right to Life does best. With your continued support, we will continue to do battle on behalf of the unborn at every turn.

Your donation today will help make sure we continue to save children’s lives – as controversial and politically incorrect as that may be.

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