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Reliably pro-abortion Snopes again recycles PPFA’s “3%” myth

by | May 7, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

Tip of the hat to Tim Graham over at Newsbusters for his take down of the reliably pro-abortion’s latest in-kind contribution to Planned Parenthood.

Writing for Snopes “Factchecker” Dan Evon took on an obviously tongue-in-cheek assertion that maybe three people in the galaxy had even heard about and (at most) one took literally.

The question Evon answered was “Did Planned Parenthood Defend Bill Cosby?” Of course not.

Babylon Bee, a Christian-themed satirical web site, used Cosby’s recent conviction on three counts of aggravated indecent assault to take a dig at Planned Parenthood’s patently absurd insistence that abortion constitutes”3%” of its medical services. Here’s the spoof:

[Now former PPFA] President Cecile Richards came forward to claim that since sexual assault is only about 3% of what Bill Cosby performed over his long and illustrious career, the egregious offenses should be overlooked.

Snopes understood that Babylon Bee was being satirical but completely missed that PPFA’s 3% figure was equally made up. Evon wrote

The Babylon Bee is an entertainment web site with long history of publishing satirical articles. In this case, the web site appears to be spoofing an often-quoted statistic about the nonprofit organization; although many people may equate it with abortion, Planned Parenthood’s annual report states that these procedures only make up 3 percent of the medical services that they provide

And Evon dutifully includes a PPFA propaganda graphic that “documents” its assertion.

But the fact the “fact-checking” Snopes manages to miss (as Graham notes) is that the 3% figure has been thoroughly debunked by various sites, including the Washington Post’s Factchecker. It barely qualifies as an urban legend.

The Post’s Michelle Ye Hee Lee gave it “Three Pinocchios,” meaning PPFA”s “3%” assertion has “significant factual error and/or obvious contradictions.”

Why would Snopes bother? To recycle yet again the bogus assertion that abortion “services” are but a tiny fraction of what the largest abortion provider does on a daily basis.

We’re reposting the story we wrote that ran when Michelle Ye Hee Lee provided her analysis.

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