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Some closing thoughts the night before the Irish referendum on abortion

by | May 24, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

Dublin is five hours ahead of east coast time so when we first begin to write updates Friday about the Irish referendum on abortion, many people will have already voted Yes—to rid the Constitution of the 8th Amendment and authorize Parliament to legislate on abortion—or No—to retain the key provision which guarantees equal rights to unborn babies and their mothers.

Here are a few concluding thoughts, in bullet form:

  • It is a badge of honor for the secular Irish press not to even pretend to be even handed. They want the 8th Amendment (article 40.3.3 ) gone, opening the way for abortion through the first 12 weeks and in all likelihood (due to the slippery language of the government’s proposal) through viability.
  • The Minister of Health has announced that there won’t be a second referendum, illustrating how confident Simon Harris is that the Yes vote is comfortably ahead. However, I am reading articles that talk about how the No vote could cheat—no lesser a word is accurate—and defeat the referendum. Should the referendum fail, we will read a barrage of stories how the under-funded, outgunned pro-life forces pulled a fast one. It won’t be true, but that’s not the point.
  • Stories abound about young men “sitting this one out.” Why? Supposedly because they feel abortion is a “woman’s issue.”  Talk about being hoisted on your own petard. Those bemoaning that young men will be underrepresented assume they would be disproportionately Yes votes. How ironic would it be that the same media that pressed the “female empowerment” angle ceaselessly would dissuade a part of the population they think is on their side—young men.
  • It is impossible to know what public opinion really is on the referendum and even more difficult to know who will show up tomorrow. Depending on whom you read, the “undecided” vote is estimated at between 14% and 20%. What we do know (as CNN put it) is that “Men and women from the Irish diaspora and both sides of the debate have posted about their journeys home on social media under the hashtag #HomeToVote, sharing photos and stories from airports, planes, cars and trains.”
  • We also know, as the Guardian wrote today, there is an “anti-abortion army out on the streets of Ireland, chasing down every undecided vote in Friday’s referendum on abortion. In the final days of the campaign they were going door-to-door, handing out leaflets at train stations and in shopping centres, touring radio and television studios, and bombarding social media.”
  • · There is not the slightest hesitation about bashing the Catholic Church. It is really, truly vicious.

We will post multiple times on Friday. Pray for discernment for the people of the Republic of Ireland. Pray for mothers. Pray for unborn babies.

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