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“The public has a choice – trust Simon Harris, or trust experienced Judges and lawyers”

by | May 14, 2018

By Save The 8th

The intervention by 200 of the country’s most senior lawyers and Judges in the referendum campaign is “monumental,” Save the 8th has said.

In a statement signed by Iarfhlaith O’Neill, former Chairman of the Referendum Commission, and former High Court Judge Aindreas O’Caoimh, the group of lawyers have made clear that the Government’s proposals introduce UK-Style abortion up to six months.

In the statement, they say:

“the Government proposals provide for abortion for any reason up until 12 weeks and for abortion up until viability (that is, where a mother has carried her child for up to 6 months) for reasons so similar to the legislation in Great Britain that there is no rational basis for thinking that they would operate differently”

Commenting on the intervention, Campaign Chairwoman Niamh UiBhriain said:

“The public now has a very clear choice – they can trust the word of [Minister of Health] Simon Harris, or they can trust the former Chairman of the referendum commission and 199 of his colleagues.

“Our campaign has been pointing out for weeks that this is abortion up to six months on UK style grounds. There has been a concerted media effort to deny this fact.

“The failure of the referendum commission to clarify the details of the Government’s proposals has resulted in significant confusion. That is why this intervention is so significant, and so welcome.

“As people begin to consider their votes in the final two weeks, many of them will look at the horror show being proposed by the Government, which would see thousands of healthy unborn babies aborted every year in Ireland, and they will conclude “this is too far for me”.

“We are grateful to Judge O’Neill and his colleagues for their courage in speaking out”.

Editor’s note. The full statement can be read at

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