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A pro-abortion lovefest: Hillary Clinton interviews Cecile Richards

by | Jun 25, 2018

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

What happens when the most pro-abortion Presidential candidate in U.S. history interviews the nation’s best-known spokeswoman for the abortion industry?

The answer is an unapologetic defense of abortion on demand for any reason during all nine months of pregnancy.

Over the weekend I caught a CSPAN2 Book TV program in which former Senator and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton interviewed former Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards before an audience which included a number of Planned Parenthood workers.

The two are fast friends. As Richards related, the first person to call her after her 2016 testimony before Congress was Clinton.

The interview included one softball after another, pitched by a vehemently pro-abortion politician and aimed squarely at the center of Big Abortion’s home plate. That said, the exchange contained a number of hard-to-believe statements.

For instance, the Richards’ tour for her autobiography Make Trouble was described as being “like tent revivals.” I suppose, though, if you consider abortion-on-demand to be like a religion to Richards and Clinton, this comparison is actually quite apt.

Richards told Clinton that, as a result of her book, “Women in their ‘80s are volunteering at Planned Parenthood centers.” Escorting women into a facility that takes the lives of precious preborn children seems a strange post-retirement activity, but it is par for the course in Planned Parenthood World.

Amid discussions of knitting pink protest hats, dining on breakfast tacos, and snacking on ice cream, the two abortion advocates made a puzzling claim about young women.

For example, Clinton said that many young women are “up in the air” when interviewing for jobs. She suggested that these women are hesitant to take on professional challenges.

Apparently, the former First Lady has little contact with young women who are pro-life. I have found these Millennial women to be eager to take on challenges and make their mark on the world. Perhaps they are motivated by the rightness of their cause. After all, by contrast, it must be depressing for those young women who are trying to shore up the dying abortion industry.

Richards recounted how her mother Ann, the former pro-abortion Governor of Texas (who lost to George W. Bush), said of Cecile’s initial interview at Planned Parenthood that it was the “opportunity of a lifetime.” That line was said without the slightest acknowledgement that Planned Parenthood has ended millions of lifetimes in its day.

“The last gift my mother gave me was to get me to go to that interview at Planned Parenthood,” Richards said. As if presiding over the deaths of more than 300,000 preborn children each year was some sort of prize.

At one point in the discussion, Clinton asked, “You want to tell everybody about your three wonderful kids?” Noteworthy is that Clinton did not ask about Richards’ fourth child whom she aborted.

Richards responded, “I’m very, very blessed.” And yet, Planned Parenthood robs mothers of the blessings of children day in and day out.

Richards also related the story of how then House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) refused to pass Obamacare if it included an abortion ban. This demonstrates just how extreme Congressional Democrats are as a general rule on the issue of abortion.

Richards also suggested that if tax money cannot be used for abortion, it is a moral wrong. Not a hint that national polls have shown for decades that taxpayers do not want their hard-earned tax dollars to pay for abortion.

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