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Abortionist attempts to pressure woman into abortion

by | Jun 7, 2018

By Sarah Terzo

Pro-Life feminist Pat Goltz shares her story:

“On September 30, 1977, an abortionist attempted to coerce me into an abortion. His excuse was that I had experienced hemorrhage the night before. Although my vital signs remained stable for 10 hours and blood loss was minimal during that time, he stressed that I must have a D&C or face the possibility of further hemorrhage. He told me he thought I had miscarried and that if by some rare chance I was still pregnant, it would be impossible for me to carry to term.

He made no attempt to determine the cause of the hemorrhage or whether or not I was still pregnant. He ordered me to stay in bed and the sides of the bed were put up. He gave me 2 ½ hours to think about having the D&C… He didn’t inform me of any complications that might arise from the operation, nor at any time to use the term “abortion” to describe the operation, nor did he indicate that to be pregnant means to be carrying a baby and that a D&C would deprive me of that baby. I received no counseling.

Although my doctor and the entire nursing staff attempted to intimidate me with the possibility of hemorrhage, I made the decision not to have the operation and went home… My pregnancy progressed normally.

This is what the “right to choose” has meant to me: that I was asked to make a decision which would have affected my entire life while I was in a debilitated condition, alone, in 2 ½ hours, without counseling, with erroneous and inadequate information, and after being subjected to intimidation.”

Ann Saltenberger, Every Woman Has a Right to Know the Dangers of Legal Abortion (Glassboro, New Jersey: Air – Plus Enterprises, 1983), P.158

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission.

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