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Newborn Baby tossed in courtyard miraculously survives

by | Jun 4, 2018

Found with umbilical cord still attached

By Dave Andrusko

The story that appears today in the Daily Mail understandably includes the cautionary note, “WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT.” It is a very disturbing account of an abandoned baby who was found “naked at a rubbish-filled courtyard with her umbilical cord still attached in China.”

However there is very good news. Although Kan Kan News reported she suffered a fractured skull as well as bleeding inside the skull, her condition has stabilized.

A police statement said the baby “was first discovered by residents of Xiade Village in Fuzhou City’s Mawei District in East China’s Fujian Province,“ Kan Kan News added.

However the Daily Mail reports that police have not confirmed claims by some web users that the baby had been thrown into the courtyard over a 6 ½ foot wall.

Once informed by villagers, police contacted the nearby Fuzhou Mawei Hospital, whose paramedics took the girl in for initial treatment. Kan Kan News reported that the little girl was then transferred to the best hospital in Fuzhou where the diagnosis of a fractured skull and bleeding within the skull was made.

The Daily Mail account concludes

A doctor from the hospital told Kan Kan News that when the baby was sent to them, her limbs were twitching and there were bruises around her mouth. She also suffered injuries in her lung and heart.

The doctor said after treatment, the baby’s condition had stabilised.

According to the report, many people have gone to the hospital to visit the baby after seeing pictures and footage of her on social media.

Apparently, several families have come forward hoping to adopt the girl as their own.

Police have asked members of the public to contact them with any information regarding the girl’s parents, who could face charges for abandoning the child.

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