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A Legislative Update from Rhode Island Right to Life

by | Jul 17, 2018

A total of 2,381 bills were filed during the 2018 session of the Rhode Island General Assembly, 1366 in the House and 1015 in the Senate, all of which we have reviewed. Over a dozen of these bills related directly to life issues (i.e., abortion, euthanasia, and conscience rights), while dozens more had potential indirect effects on life issues.

Our top priority this session was to continue holding the line against the so-called “Reproductive Health Care Act” (S2163, H7340), the most extreme abortion bill we have seen in Rhode Island. This was not easy as pro-abortion, progressive extremists had significant momentum after picking up six seats in the House during the 2016 elections, and two seats in the Senate in special elections over the past year. We are grateful to our staunchly pro-life friends in House and Senate Leadership for standing fast for life.

Angered by their failure, abortion advocates are now holding protests calling for an emergency session in an attempt to reverse their loss and to mobilize for the elections.

We also defeated legislation filed in both chambers (S2442, H7297) to legalize assisted suicide in Rhode Island, as well as an insurance bill that, unbeknownst to some of the sponsors, would have the effect of imposing, here in Rhode Island, a contraceptive and abortifacient mandate similar to the “HHS Mandate” fought at the federal level by Hobby Lobby and the Little Sisters of the Poor.

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