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“Comedian” says abortion “should be on the dollar menu at McDonald’s!”

by | Jul 9, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

Michelle Wolf
Photo by Erin Nekervis

Writing for The Daily Beast, Matt Wilstein opines, “This is why it’s so important to have women hosts in late-night television.” Before we get to the “what,” what is the “why”?

“In a segment that could never have been delivered by her male counterparts, Michelle Wolf responded to the news of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement on this week’s episode of [her Netflix show] The Break by clearing up some common misconceptions about abortion in America.”

Of course, Wolf doesn’t clear up anything except for those few souls who cling to the hope there are some limits to how far pro-abortionists will sink. Answer? There are no limits.

Wolf took the occasion of the 4th of July weekend to dress up in a red, white, and blue outfit to pronounce “Look, access to abortion is good and important. Some people say abortion is ‘killing a baby.’ It’s not. It’s stopping a baby from happening. It’s like ‘Back to the Future’ and abortion is the DeLorean. And everyone loves DeLoreans.”

This is the same Wolf who back in April unloaded on pro-life Vice President Mike Pence at the White House Correspondents’ dinner in Washington, D.C. and (in an even more ugly fashion) on White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. You may remember that after about ten minutes of mild criticism, the Establishment Media decided this stream-of-consciousness vulgarity was not foul-mouthed and tasteless but a marvelous example of “speaking truth to power.”

(By the way, what if any ‘comedian’ lobbed volley after volley of vile personal attacks at President Obama, his wife or daughters, Vice President Biden, or any of Obama’s White House spokespeople, would the usual suspects hail her or him as a guardian of the people’s “right to know”? I’m guessing not.)

A couple of related thoughts. It is (as they say) no accident that talentless “comedians” like Wolf and Samantha Bee (and throw in Kathy Griffin) are out front at the same time members of the Trump administration are routinely harassed when they risk going out in public. (This applies to pro-life Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, too.)

Given a pass by a sympathetic, compliant, and ever more hysterical media, they push the boundaries not just of taste (that’s LONG since gone) but intimations of violence.

Second, what do we make of this (quoting Wilstein quoting Wolf)?

“Abortion shouldn’t be a luxury,” she said. “It shouldn’t be the new, ‘I summer in Montauk.’ It should be on the dollar menu at McDonald’s!”

Wolf ended her July 4th weekend show with a salute to abortion, complete with a marching band, balloons and confetti. “Women, don’t forget: you have the power to give life!” she concluded. “And men will try to control that. Don’t let them! God bless abortions and god bless America!”

Has she merely gone off the deep end? Is it just a way to push more people who think (to use the word loosely) like she does to her Netflix show? Probably both, but it’s much more.

If you think about it, the irony is enough to knock you off your chair.

The same people who drone on about pro-life self-righteousness are so steeped in their own invincible sense of superiority they will say anything both to show that they are beyond criticism and to dehumanize people like you and me who stick up for unborn babies.

Cruelty, vulgarity, and thinly veiled threats take the place of gentleness, common courtesy, and respect for persons.

They may persuade themselves this will carry the day. It may, with the tiny percentage of Americans who agree with them.

The rest of America? I think not.

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