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National Right to Life endorses Josh Hawley for U.S. Senator from Missouri, opposes Claire McCaskill

by | Jul 11, 2018

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley

WASHINGTON –National Right to Life has endorsed pro-life Attorney General Josh Hawley in Missouri’s U.S. Senate election.

Hawley is challenging pro-abortion Sen. Claire McCaskill, who is seeking a third six-year term.

“National Right to Life is pleased to endorse Josh Hawley for the U.S. Senate,” said Carol Tobias, National Right to Life president. “Josh Hawley’s position on life reflects the true values of Missouri’s voters. Many Missouri voters will be shocked to learn that Sen. Claire McCaskill supports abortion for any reason – even late in pregnancy. Claire McCaskill’s extreme pro-abortion position is completely out of touch with the majority of the Missouri electorate.”

Josh Hawley supports the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act – legislation to protect unborn children by prohibiting abortion at 20 weeks, a point by which the unborn child is capable of experiencing great pain when being killed by dismemberment or other late abortion methods.

Hawley is challenging Sen. McCaskill (D), whose position on abortion is so extreme she has cosponsored legislation (S. 510) that would invalidate nearly every state and federal limit on abortion, and would force taxpayer funding of abortion and funding of abortion providers in Missouri.

During two terms in the U.S. Senate, McCaskill has voted against the pro-life position on abortion every chance she had.

She twice voted against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. She supports using tax dollars to pay for abortion. McCaskill supports giving hundreds of millions of dollars of government funds to the nation’s largest abortion provider.

In 2017, McCaskill voted against the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court, despite his outstanding qualifications, and most political observers believe that she is also likely to vote against the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, another outstanding constitutionalist nominated to the Supreme Court.

Josh Hawley opposes abortion on demand, and he opposes using tax dollars to pay for abortion. Missouri voters who are concerned with the right to life and with the protection of the most vulnerable among us should vote for Josh Hawley in November.

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