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Newborn baby boy survives being left in dumpster, mother charged with Attempted Capital Murder

by | Jul 17, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

Alyssa Hazel Baker

28-year-old Alyssa Hazel Baker is in the Tarrant County jail, charged with attempted Capital Murder, the CBS Dallas/Ft. Worth affiliate reports.

Baker, whose bond was set at $50,000, is charged with giving birth at work in a bathroom stall and then tying a black trash bag around her baby boy and depositing him in a blue dumpster outside.

Police told CBS 11’s MaryAnn Martinez that even though that 4 pound baby was in a hot dumpster for 47 minutes, he appears to be in good health.

According to the police report, Baker arrived at her job at Souper Salad in Hurst, Texas on June 15 and gave birth in the restroom stall.

“Alyssa said the baby cried for about two minutes and then stopped crying,” according to the police report. “She cleaned up the area, left the baby in the toilet and went to the kitchen to get a trash bag.”

Baker told her co-workers that she didn’t know she was pregnant and had had a miscarriage. “But the coworker called authorities after watching Baker take something to the dumpster,” Martinez reported. “Police arrived shortly after, finding a newborn baby boy inside a black trash bag.”

Later investigator asked Baker “if the baby could have been alive when she put him in the dumpster,” Martinez reported. “She said ‘yes.’”

Texas has what is known as a Safe Haven law that allows a parent or parents to leave an infant at a hospital or fire station with no questions asked.

“The closest fire station to the Souper Salad is less than a mile away while the nearest hospital is less than a mile and a half,” CBS 11 reported.

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