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Planned Parenthood to create PSA pushing abortion experience as ‘positive’

by | Jul 30, 2018

By Nancy Flanders

Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post at LiveAction.

If there’s one line the abortion industry has used most often to convince Americans that abortion is necessary, it’s the infamous “safe, legal, and rare” mantra promoted by former President Bill Clinton. By their own admittance, therefore, abortion shouldn’t be something that is celebrated and happens often. After all, if something is positive and good, why would we want it to be rare? But now, a new PSA casting call for Planned Parenthood proves the abortion crowd is switching gears to promote a celebratory abortion mentality.

In mid-July, a pregnancy center in Maine received an email from a casting call company in California, requesting help in casting the new PSA for Planned Parenthood. According to the email, the casting agency is seeking women who live in Maine, have had an abortion, and would be willing to share their story about how abortion had a “positive impact” on their lives. They are also seeking abortion workers who have positive stories to share. The PSA would shoot in Los Angeles, the week of July 25th, and all the women would have travel and accommodations paid for in addition to a monetary stipend. The casting director had this to say in the email:

We are casting a PSA for Planned Parenthood to emphasis the positive impact of ROE V WADE to represent that the decision was for women’s ability to control their bodies and lives to more equitable foothold in society – the ability to pursue career and educational opportunities; the ability to lead the life they want for themselves and their families.

While this isn’t a shocking move on the part of Planned Parenthood, it is abhorrent.

Email from a casting agency requesting women to share abortion stories.

Abortion isn’t about women controlling their own bodies, it’s about the destruction of a preborn human being’s body through an act of violence. Abortion is never “positive,” as is clear in videos depicting abortion procedures such as this one:

And all too often, abortion leads to the destruction of women’s bodies as well, through complications and even unreported sexual abuse that has been allowed to continue, in many cases, thanks to Planned Parenthood.

In addition, abortion doesn’t give women a “more equitable foothold in society.” It is an attack on women, belittling them with the mistaken belief that in order to be equal to men they have to sacrifice the lives of their own children. Abortion tells women they aren’t good enough to be working mothers. Abortion tells women they aren’t smart or strong enough to be pregnant or parenting students. It tells women they are alone in the world. It leaves women with a lifetime of guilt over a horrific act — one that most often they felt societal pressure to commit. No one should ever build their success on the bodies of other people.

It isn’t children that stand in the way of women achieving their educational or career goals. It’s society. Rather than killing preborn children simply because they exist, women need programs to allow them to continue to receive their education and work without feeling as though they are being punished for becoming mothers. They need access to pregnancy resource centers that provide emotional and material support to women facing unplanned pregnancies, including baby gear, formula, clothing, parenting classes, help with childcare and even housing. Women should be told that they are capable of being mothers and earning their degrees or building their careers. With the right support, they can overcome every obstacle without having to kill another human being. …

With this new PSA, Planned Parenthood aims to convince us that abortion is a victory instead of the tragedy it really is, continuing to build its business on the pain and suffering of women and the deaths of children.

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