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Read the latest on Judge Brett Kavanaugh in the July NRL News

by | Jul 17, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

I hope you’re already well into the July digital edition of National Right to Life News, the “pro-life newspaper of record.”

As our readers know, the monthly NRL News is both a compilation of the best stories that have run in National Right to Life News Today over the previous four weeks along with breaking news stories.

We’re particularly happy with this issue because we are able to write multiple stories about the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court (along with the latest developments) and the superb National Right to Life Convention that took place just outside Kansas City, Kansas.

It is essential that National Right to Life have the financial wherewithal to mobilize grassroots citizens in key states to contact their senators and urge them to support Judge Kavanaugh. Please go to page 4 of the July issue where you can contribute to NRLC’s vitally important work.

The convention theme for NRLC 2018 was “Love Them All.” We have five stories that illustrate just some of the many workshops and general sessions that encouraged and enlightened attendees about how important that is to fighting the Culture of Death.

Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon, NRLC’s director of Education & Research, does his monthly debunking of Planned Parenthood and/or the Abortion Industry’s sham attempts to “prove” abortion is safe (in this case, chemical abortions).

Paul Stark does a tremendous job explaining “Four huge myths about overturning Roe v. Wade.” It is a must read. We also examine why Planned Parenthood would never want anyone looking at the disproportionate number of black babies aborted.

Our president, Carol Tobias, and our Political Director, Karen Cross, layout the political landscape and the November 2018 mid-year elections grow closer.

We’ll take more about the July digital edition of NRL News later this week. In the meanwhile please read the edition cover to over and contribute so that NRLC can defend Judge Brett Kavanaugh against the already brutal pro-abortion attacks.

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