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Reassuring her there is always hope and she is not alone

by | Jul 13, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

As you may have noticed, we have five stories today that in one fashion or another deal with “the power of cutting edge science”– fetal development, ultrasounds, and what Dr. Jérôme Lejeune once described as the “symphony of life.” You might ask why.

We have another post which first ran today at the Bishops’ Life Issues Forum. They are talking about what do you say—or not say—when a friend is considering an abortion.

They use the acronym “LOVE.” The “V” stands for “Vision and Value.”

Awaken a vision in her for a healthier life (a vision she may never have had, or that may have dimmed). Help her value herself differently. She is a special creation, worthy of love. Reassure her there is always hope and she is not alone. She can make positive, life-giving choices. She can do it.

She is “not alone.” You can’t emphasis how important that is.

My own children have assisted friends who—because they knew my children “had their back”—never thought they were alone. Lots of other typical anxieties to be sure, but all these young girls knew they had someone to turn to.

We need to help an abortion-minded girl or woman understand she is not alone in another way: she is carrying another life. Her little one is not only her child, he or she is also someone’s niece/nephew, or grandson/granddaughter.

And is where modern medical technology is so fundamentally altering the abortion calculus. I am not so naive as to believe every woman whose fears have overcome her will be dissuaded by seeing a four-color ultrasound.

However I do believe that the more widespread our culture demonstrates the humanity of the unborn child—in the ultrasound photo affixed to the refrigerator door, the album of ultrasound photos (“baby’s first photo album”), commercials (which are powerful in a subtle way) to name just three—the more the seed of respect for life will be planted and watered and will grow.

Which is why I truly believe that one day, perhaps when we least expect it, the clouds that darken our moral horizons will roll away. And when they are, the truth, so long obscured, will light the children’s road to freedom.

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