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Self magazine’s unintentionally revealing “15 Ways to mentally and physically prepare for Your Abortion Procedure”

by | Jul 30, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

Self describes itself as a health and wellness digital magazine for women. Alas, like many women’s magazines, Self feels articles such as “15 Ways to mentally and physically Prepare for Your Abortion Procedure” are what its target audience is looking to read.

What can we learn from Carolyn L. Todd’s post? With 15 items on her list, it would take an enormously long post of our own to grapple with even half of them. Here a few thoughts, always remembering that every time pro-abortionists tell you someone is “lying,” it’s a dead giveaway they are hiding the truth from women.

By the way because she relies on CDC numbers, which are always far lower than the more accurate numbers from Guttmacher, she begins by writing that “around around 650,000 women” have an abortion annually. The actual number is around 926,200.

#1. She mimics the pro-abortion propaganda line that chemical abortions (RU-486 or “medication” abortions) “mimic a natural miscarriage.” It is nothing of the sort. Ditto for the misleading conclusion that abortions “carry fewer risks and complications than childbirth.”

#2. “Depending on your state, understand that your doctor may be required by law to lie to you or give you written materials with false information about abortion.” To pro-abortionists, materials that give women information about abortion and side effects are by definition a lie. Todd, of course, avoids mentioning that in many cases, that information also includes instructions about alternatives and the father’s responsibility.

#3. To her credit Todd acknowledges that women (“people” in pro-abortion correct-speak) can have negative responses to having an abortion. “Conversely, some people do describe feeling heartbroken, ashamed, or the need to grieve after an abortion.”

And with indirect nod to the growing percentage of repeat abortions, Todd adds, “Also, remember that even if you’ve had an abortion before, this time won’t necessarily be the same. ‘A woman can have a very different reaction to an abortion than at a time in her past [because] she’s in a different point of her life,’ Dr. [Gillian] Dean [PPFA senior director of medical services] says.”

#4. “Stock up on things like food, water, pads, and painkillers for after your abortion.” Nothing needs to be added to that. But what about…

#5. “Go into the waiting room with tools to distract yourself if you think you’ll need or want them.” The follow up to this headline covers a lot, including still another acknowledgement that abortions are painful. Chemical abortions can be, as we’ve written before, almost painful beyond belief. Finally

#6. The very last comment comes from a woman who counsels women before, during, and immediately after an abortion. “If you’re sure you want to have an abortion but have any fears or worries, it might make sense to talk to a counselor who can work through those feelings with you. ‘It’s really about recognizing that [you’re] making the most caring and loving decision for [yourself] and for your future,’ [Megan] Aebi says.”

Perhaps the reason a woman would have “fears and worries” is that she recognizes deep down that an abortion is not “the most care loving decision” for that poor unborn baby whose future she is about to “terminate.”

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