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The abortion that takes place because….

by | Jul 31, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

In its ongoing (as in never-ending) promotion of abortion, Slate posted a piece this week titled, “The Abortions We Don’t Talk About : Six Slate women tell their stories.”

I’d like to talk about six situations that all too often end in abortions that don’t get talked about a lot either. Their stories need to be told as well.

#1. The abortion that takes place because a woman is utterly, completely without support. It is she and her baby. She is alone in a way that no one who is not in her situation could possibly grasp. She sees no way out except the “kindly” abortionist who’ll make “it” go away.

#2. The abortion that takes place because she is convinced her family would be ashamed of her. And because she feels that way, she never allows them to show her there is more than enough room for her and her baby, who is someone’s niece/nephew, someone’s granddaughter/grandson.

#3. The abortion that takes place because the father is an adult, the girl a minor. He will put enough pressure on her to abort—including the threat of violence– lest charges be brought against this evil man.

#4. The abortion that takes place because her friends, rather than give her life-affirming counsel, persuade themselves it’s “better for everyone” if she sweeps this “problem” out of her life.

#5. The abortion that takes place because she has a very negative prenatal sonogram. Her unborn is seriously ill and the sonographer (by her attitude) and the obstetrician (by his words) make clear she has the “option” of “not continuing this pregnancy.” And

#6. The abortion that takes place because upon learning she is pregnant, the woman (or girl) refuses to share the news of her unplanned pregnancy with anyone, and surely not the father. She “knows” this is the “right” solution because who will ever know?

She will, of course, and often (eventually) others.

These are the reasons for six abortions that the abortion industry and its legion of apologists don’t want to discuss or, if they ever do, would reassure everyone that the solution is… death…death… death… death… death…and death.

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