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The need to fuzz the language to hide the ugliness of abortion

by | Jul 9, 2018

By Dave Andrusko

The unsigned editorial in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (which I later learned was written by David Barham) is titled, “Different Universes: Do they even hear themselves speak?”

Initially it is a reflection on the Chicken Little/the sky is falling pro-abortion lamentations on the prospect of pro-life President Donald Trump replacing the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. That choice will reportedly come tonight.

But it is more than that. Barham is asking if the alternative universe that the Planned Parenthood, NARAL’s, et. al of this planet occupy is so insular that they are incapable of grasping how awful what they say actually is.

For example, as NRL News Today has reported at great length, Arkansas passed a law that requires clinics performing chemical abortions to have an agreement with a doctor/abortionist who has admitting privileges at a local hospital when (and it is when) complications occur.

They have an agreeable judge who keeps enjoining the law and the state attorney general keeps appealing. (Remember this the next time abortion advocates whine about how much it costs to defend pro-life laws. If you aren’t going to give PPFA or the Center For Reproductive Rights or the ACLU veto power over your legislature, what choice do you have but to vigorously defend your legislation with all the expense that accompanies that?)

Barham writes

Apparently even that requirement wasn’t good enough to pass one federal court’s muster. But there is something deeper here than just one judge deciding the law is a ass [a reference to Mr. Bumble, from Dickens’ “Oliver Twist”].

The pro-abortion folks and the pro-life folks seem to be in different worlds, different universes. Just listen to one of the attorneys for Planned Parenthood. Her quote in the paper started with: “Let’s be honest ….” (Yes, let’s. Planned Parenthood is a misnomer.)

“Let’s be honest. The attorney general [of Arkansas] wants to shut down abortion clinics. Let’s not insult women and say this is about their health. She is using the subterfuge of saying this law is to help women’s health.” Instead, the attorney said, “they provide fabulous abortion care at both” abortion clinics in Arkansas.

Fabulous abortions?

Would even an abortion doctor think his work fabulous? Even if you think abortion isn’t really the killing of an innocent–the very least among these–but only a minor medical procedure, just the removal of an unfortunate growth, surely you don’t think the act can be fabulous. …

This is what happens when euphemism takes over the debate. The whole act under discussion becomes so antiseptic, clinical, detached, that lawyers start using phrases like “fabulous abortion care.” And judges are quoted in the paper saying abortions are “remarkably safe.” Well, maybe for one of the two people involved.

In a sense what choice (no pun intended) do they have? They’ve forsaken a position they held for a long time—that abortion was a kind of necessary evil (although that phrase was never used) that should be safe legal and rare.

Practitioners of this particular euphemistic mainstay—both President Bill and wannabe President Hillary Clinton—were never even marginally sincere. It was always and forever merely rhetorically cover.

But with the abortion crowd convinced that conceding an inch is to concede a mile, now “abortion care” (talk about an oxymoron) must be “fabulous.” The problem is—for them—that the other 98% of us are troubled by abortion and even more upset when it is trivialized.

Barham ends with this fabulous conclusion:

Somebody once said that language is the Little Round Top of any debate. Once you seize the high ground, you should win the day. Those who provide abortion on demand understand this. Which is why they must fuzz the language. And explain to the public that “Planned Parenthood” offers “remarkably safe” and even “fabulous abortion care.”

That these words and phrases are meant to do anything but illuminate doesn’t surprise a bit. There is much to hide here. Call it the American way of death.

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